Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shopping Online

When Grace announced she was coming back to Malaysia for a holiday this year, she asked me to start buying all the stuff I wanted online which can't be shipped to me. At that time, my shopping list on Amazon was empty and I thought I had nothing to get.

I began searching for a replacement of my AllBlacks Coca-Cola backpack which I got for free when I was studying in NZ more than 10 years ago. This backpack has travelled the world with me including my U2 concerts as I could stash my camera, water bottle and jumper. Heck, I could have put in a watermelon or coconut in there if I had a need to. But after 10 years of hard use, it's finally showing wear and tear much to my great sadness.

Nevertheless, I started searching for THE backpack and came across this one:
eBags Mother Lode Weekender Convertible
This video instantly converted me into a fan.

Good grief! I could pack coconuts and watermelons in this and more! But then I started considering my needs again and while this would be a fantastic bag to take along for a 5 day trip, I'd still be left without a handbag to carry my essentials when I leave my clothes in the hotel to sight-see.

Plus, it just wasn't very stylish walking around with a (most of the time) half-empty backpack.

Then, I came across this and fell in love:

eBags Piazza Day Bag
It's just a sling bag and a (typical me) practical one. All comments highly praised this bag and while it doesn't look er, fashionable, I'm just going with the practical side of me and loving it.

What I like about this bag:
  • That I am able to keep my camera in a separate compartment rather than having it roll around with my other things that scratches it. 
  • The water bottle compartment is outside the bag (last Christmas my water bottle leaked and soaked my camera to my horror). 
  • The neat media pocket as I prefer to hide my iPhone in the bag while listening to my music.
  • The magnetic flap compared to Velcro, makes a silent opening, doesn't catch on your clothes and doesn't wear out after repeated use.
  • That it's not susceptible to light scratches like a leather bag

I doubt if I can fit a jumper into this thing plus some comments mentioned about the rough strap. And I won't be able to fit my shopping when I go souvenir hunting.

Never mind. For that price, and the willingness of Grace carrying it back for me, I'm just gonna get it.