Friday, February 25, 2005


So, like tomorrow morning is my wedding and what am I doing now? Playing Neopets...

My mum's stressed out at the back of the kitchen, preparing breakfast for tomorrow and here I am.... aaah... guilty? Just a bit.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Goodbye Singlehood!

So today is my last day at work as a singleton. I'm on leave starting tomorrow and trying to finalise details, like encouraging my fingernails to grow faster! I sure don't feel like working! Some colleagues gave marriage advise, preparing me for what may lie ahead in the next 5 years into marriage, especially when the kids come. Knowing us, it will take some years before we have a kid.

Blogging will probably the last thing on my agenda the next week. Plus, there ain't no internet in Klang so I'll be back in ancient civilisation for a while.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Root canal

When people tell you that a root canal hurts, it really hurts! This is barely after one month since I removed my wisdom tooth under sedation and that experience went so well that I thought I could face anything.

So last Friday, my other molar started tugging just a slight bit so I make that call to the dentist confidently. I rushed as I will not want to be writhing in pain during my wedding if my appointment is scheduled later this week.

And so it began. The doctor mentioned my tooth was eroding from the inside, caused by some irritated root and has left the shell of my tooth intact. So when he sliced open the crown of my tooth, there was a mass of blood clot inside it and after cleaning it, it still looked kinda red inside.

I've learnt the importance of the assistants who are supposed to suck out your saliva. There was no sync between the dentist and the assistant. Most of the time I was gagging and in the end, had to swallow whatever that was in my mouth then. Yuks!

Anyway, after 2 gruelling hours ("The affected area was worse than what I expected," explained the doc), I go off to settle more planning for the wedding. After gingerly trying to chew some chicken nuggets at BK, the numbness wore off and now it's throbbing with pain. I've just downed 2 painkillers but this is WORSE than having my wisdom tooth extracted. And, to my dismay, it's only part 1 out of 3!

Part 2 is in a month's time. Help!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Hen's nite

My cell group threw me a hen's nite last night. Amongst good advice dispensed:
1. Enjoy your last 7 days of singlehood!
2. Remember, you are bone of his bones, flesh of his flesh...
3. Find contentment in everything.
4. Faith, hope and love. And the greatest amongst them is love.
5. That there will be laughter in the household - there's always 2 reactions when something happens, you either get angry or laugh about it. Choose laughter.
6. That we may experience all flavours of life, even the bitter parts to appreciate the sweet ones.

And the gifts I received were a necklace, body scrub (I'm going to enjoy pampering myself with this one!), bedroom slippers (so I will never need to know how badly the floor needs mopping!), a notepad holder, a decorative key hanger and a bottle of lubricant. I started reading out the instructions on that one and was stopped as there were kids about. Of course, the directions of use were very general, no explicit stuff much to my dismay. We still had a good laugh though.

The guys? Well, they went for an exciting match of futsal. Apparently they all nearly collapsed after 10 mins into the game. I think I better organise more exercise for the cell group next time. The first to drop out would be me though.

All in all, I think all who were there had a good time. I sure did!

Friday, February 18, 2005


Brides in Malaysia usually keep their hair really long so that it can be tied into all sorts of shapes and buns. I am no exception to this rule. And now that it's so long, I'm thinking of donating it once it reaches 14" to Locks of Love. I'm grateful that my hair can grow and would really be great if I can help someone else out there. Trying to ask my colleagues to do the same too...


Last night as I was getting a cup of water, this flying thing circled my head as though trying to land. I suspect it was a cockroach as there has been an influx of them lately. Now, my greatest fear is cockroaches and my even greater fear is a FLYING one!

Few prominent memories of them afflicting me was when I was in secondary school, closing the gate after coming back from tuition at night, one large cockroach took a careful aim and got itself stuck between my left eye and my spectacles! What an amazing feat! One which I won't appreciate in this lifetime, thank you.

Another one was when I was a bit younger than the first incident. I was outside again at night after accompanying my younger sister to play lanterns during the Mid Autumn festival. As we were about to go into the house, she screamed and stood still, her arms outstretched like a scarecrow. My shocked dad asked her what happened and she said something landed on her. After a few moments of checking her, my dad declared her free of any creature. Next instant, I was the one screaming as the cockroach landed at the back of my neck.

But by far, my worst incident (insect related) was when I was 16, standing outside my house with a bunch of friends. My house faces a playground and beyond it is a stretch of padi fields. Again, it is night and we were talking and laughing. In the process of laughing, this poor creature flies right into my throat, gets wedged in there while i tried to retch it out. It buzzed and struggled at the back of my throat but couldn't get out. My friends laughed and thought I was being dramatic in laughing so hard at the joke we just shared.

After what seemed like an eternity, it didn't come out through my mouth and the buzzing stopped. My friends started realising this was for real and came to ask me what was happening. I rushed into the house, saw my dad reading the papers and told him about the incident. He calmly turned the page and said "Go eat a banana to make sure it goes in"

I've got more stories for later.

No shame

How do you invite more people at this late stage to fill up empty seats at your wedding lunch? With sheepish grins and a red face, that's how. The tables are booked but the seats are empty as some people only RSVP now after much chasing.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

3 am

Lesson learned. Do Not Let Jay Sleep In The House Anymore

Jay is my beloved cat who adopted me last year. He comes and goes whenever he feels like being owned. The neighbourhood also takes care of his regardless of his faded blue collar to indicate some form of ownership.

Last night was the Hokkien Chinese New Year and there were unusually a lot of fire crackers. You would hardly believe Malaysia has actually banned firecrackers for many years now due to the misuse of them causing dismembered body parts to kids around the nation. It went on for more than half an hour past midnight until I fell asleep to the lull of the explosions.

Back to Jay, I decided to be kind and let him sleep inside the house (if my Mum knows about this, I'm dead!). Now at 3 am, he calls me loudly so I let him out, only for him to go straight into his cage to indicate he was hungry. So I had to feed him.

After that, it took me a long while to go back to sleep again. Drat that cat!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Jitters... not

This is a strange feeling. I'm panicking because I'm not panicking.

I'm getting married next Saturday. And life as I know now will take on MANY changes. Shifting, travelling longer to work, paying more tolls, petrol, car maintenance... oh, and staying with someone else. People often ask, "Where's your other half?" when they see me. As though we are made of halves and are only complete as a couple. NO! We are completely whole and when we get married, 2 will try to become 1!

Gee, I don't seem to sound excited about getting married. Well, I'm certainly not dreading it, just that I resist change, as most people do. After almost 8 years of courtship, we've also gone way past the starry eyed, gazing at each other bit. Though I enjoy romance novels, I prefer to be more practical in real life.

Back to not panicking, there's this strange calmness (I currently refer to it as being numb). I'm still working hard at my neopet every night and now creating a blog. My mind tells me this is not normal, hence I'm panicking.


Actually, to be more honest as to why I've created this blog, it's because I'm feeling like an ostrich at the moment. I want to dig a hole and bury my whole head in it.

It's like this. I set an appointment with a bank today to discuss potential tie ups. Now, I've been in contact with this person for 5 months now and it's been difficult getting an appointment with her.

So finally the day dawned and I drag my boss from her hectic schedule to come along with me. We drive separately to the office which is really far, like an hour away. The thought that the office was NOT located at the bank HQ should have given me enough warning signs, but it didn't. It was a complete waste of time and it turned out they were not the bank but potentially our competitor! Yaaarrrggghhh!

This is the kind of story that would make me smack my forehead and think was an idiot this person is for not checking in the first place, like 5 months before?? Anyways, my boss is gracious enough not to grill me and didn't need to.

Shovel anyone?


Creating this blog is inevitable. I've been procrastinating setting one up for so long.

So here it is, my first entry in my newly created blog. Phew! I avoid inflicting permanant stuff like writing notes with a pencil instead of a pen and now, creating a blog. Well, they SAY I can change stuff so what the heck...