Saturday, August 27, 2011


KS introduced me to this blog by this Japanese girl who does awesome levitation shots. Here are some of my favourite:

It's funny that she's dressed up to vacuum!

She looks so composed and relaxed as she does her jumps! Next level of our jumping shots?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pray for Malaysia

My church was recently illegally raided two weeks ago and since then, there have been a lot of issues brought up to further divide and ostracise the non-Muslims in this country, creating fear with the "you better don't touch us" attitude. The most recent one being the local papers being hauled up for questioning because they published an advertisement of a non-halal restaurant in their write up on Ramadhan.

But I do believe that these people driving the divide are only a handful, which unfortunately, are the ones on top. Whether they are the ruling party or the opposition, they both have these handful of people at the top.

This isn't the Malaysia I came to love was when all united on the 9th of July this year for the Bersih demonstrations. The heartwarming testimonies of how everyone helped one another regardless of creed, race or religion must continue to rise above what is happening these few weeks.

While we expect more accusations as those in authority design their excuse for the raid, we continue to hope and pray that Malaysia will heal without further aggravations. Pray with us.

Another Lesson On Flight Booking Learnt

A couple of days ago, KS and I decided we really needed a holiday before the end of the year. We settled for Japan. Before we had time to sort out the details as to when we'd be travelling, where exactly we'd like to go within Japan, the AirAsia launched their maiden flight deals to Osaka and local travel fair descended upon us.

Flight prices were slashed and suddenly, travelling with a non-budget airline became a fairly affordable option. I was on the verge of booking a return flight to Osaka when KS told me to hang on and I remembered my last mistake of buying an air flight to Perth on the spur of the moment.

So instead, what happened this time? I bought a one way ticket to Osaka with MAS and as I was going to buy a one way ticket back from Tokyo, I realized there wasn't a promotion for the flight back. Instead, I would be paying more than two times the amount for my flight there! So, for a few hours while I waited for the MAS helpline to call me back, there was a general panic and I had with me a one way ticket to Japan.

Unfortunately, MAS does not allow an upgrade of their sold tickets, which I think is ridiculous. I was trying to convert my one way ticket into a return flight but with the deal that was currently being offered. Instead, I was forced to buy an AirAsia ticket back from Tokyo, which, thankfully was only a few hundred Ringgit more than the promotional price for MAS.

Sigh. All in all, we're on for Japan at last. Now to go hunt for what on earth we're supposed to do there!

On a side note, KS actually Googled "should I go to Japan?" when we were about to decide buying our flight tickets. Whatever happened to the good ol' flip the coin to make your life decisions?!