Saturday, April 28, 2007

Itsy Bits of Nothing

I read in the papers when there was that earthquake in December that cut off our internet connection here in Malaysia that there was this local singer who was moaning about not being able to blog. He said he blogs every few minutes. I mean, who wants to read a blog that is updated every few minutes? And doesn't he have anything else better to do? He claims his fans would be so disappointed not being able to read his every thought.

Local news: today there is a by-election going on in this unknown town called Ijok. Over the past 2 weeks, the media has gone into frenzy just covering the amount of politicking that's going on there. Suddenly the mega big shots of the both parties make daily appearances. Roads are suddenly paved, everything is cleaned up within the few days. Promises of more schools, mosques and other public amenities are made even though the place was a dead town prior to this election. Mud slinging everywhere, parties throwing race into the picture, "Don't base your votes just because he's Indian or Malay". But then why bring the Malay big guns to anchor the votes of the majority Malays there then?

My eyes are open. News written on the local daily is horrendously biased: "Vote for A not because he is an Indian, he's a Malaysian. DON'T vote for B because he's a Malay". I've never been interested in politics but with great speculation of an upcoming general election, I'm becoming more alert.

Politics is always dirty. Now I really know and see.

New songs: Listening to this new guy called Mika. Very... different. I do like some songs. Some say he's a cross between Queen and George Michael (to which I strongly disagree! NO one sounds like George Michael!). To me, he sounds a bit more like Robbie Williams.

Frustration: It seems that no one bothers about saving paper in my office. Printing is blatant, 30cm tall piles of recycled paper get thrown into bins on a weekly basis. One colleague tried to argue with me "one piece doesn't make a difference". I went berserk and tore into him with such a tongue lashing that my adrenalin was pumping so hard.

One problem is also that we're not allowed to use recycled paper for printing or photocopying. We used to be able to use recycled paper for the fax machine but now, everything is consolidated into one big machine which only feeds on new paper. Even with thinner paper, it sometimes crumples in its rollers, wasting even more paper. So now I do my work writing on the back of used paper before shredding it which will then be used for packaging or further recycling.

24 Hours Home Alone

I've got 24 hours ALONE at home! The possibilities of doing everything that I want! Finish my Lord of the Rings, bake that brownie (or a chocolate cheese or carrot cake, I haven't decided), go on the internet until my eyes bleed, read a decent chunk of Thud! - Terry Pratchett... and I promised I would sweep the floor. Bugger...

Male, Female... Whatever

I know I've exhausted this topic but our cat... I think it's a she now. There are two male cats hanging around it for the last couple of days, and looks as though they are trying to woo it to mate. Unless the Ball-less One smells like a female, which can't be right either.

They fight all the time. Oh well, one fine day I will solve this. When I bring it to a vet. I hope she won't get preggers IF it's a she. But she hasn't been for over a year.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Musical Instruments

I was just making a mental list of all the musical instruments in my family and realise we probably had quite a lot of unusual ones which other families don't. So here goes:

1. Piano - we all took lessons
2. Organ - our pre-piano lessons instrument when we were toddlers
3. Recorder - we had to learn this in Primary school
4. Accordion - found it in our attic long ago
5. Ukulele - Dad used to woo Mum with this
6. Castanet - it was either this or a triangle but Ron assured me this was more fun
7. Fife - Ron's
8. Chinese Flute - Ron's
9. Piccolo - I played this in a band
10. Tambourine - Jan's, for church
11. Harmonica - we had so many but I don't know why we had them
12. Pianica - I played this in a band
13. Violin - Jan took lessons
14. Guitar - Grace wanted lessons but sold it off. Now Jan and I have one each. Mine's collecting dust.

Did I miss out any? I think it's quite rare to find an accordion and a ukulele these days. Am trying to urge my Dad to pick up playing it again since it's still at home in the storeroom.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mid Week Pick-Me-Up

Some years ago, Ron introduced this singer by the name of Wing. She hails from Hong Kong and migrated to New Zealand more than a decade ago. The moment her producer heard her singing, he was amazed and thought her voice to be extremely unique.

This was what I remember from reading from her website back then. Ron then played some samples of her songs and … well, we nearly fell off the chair. She now has 13 albums out in the market.

My personal favourites are “I wanna hold your hand” from her 8th CD: Beatles Classic by Wing and “Dancing Queen” from her 9th CD: Dancing Queen by Wing. Just from the short clip, you will be able to hear and experience something out of this world. Should you feel depressed, a little sad or just want a pick-me-up, please listen to them.

I introduced her to my colleagues yesterday and was in tears after listening to the samples. One colleague calls me cruel.

But if you haven’t heard of her, I urge you to listen. It’s quite fast to load the samples. And tell me what you think.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Customer Care

This week I had the opportunity to speak to some of our top customers as we were giving away free tickets for a play. It's amazing how some people can be so ... incredible.

Some of them would say, "We are ONLY given 2 tickets ah? Can I have 2 more?" or "I hope you're giving me good seats, otherwise what's the point of giving them to me?".

One got quite bad and sneaky by tricking us into giving two pairs of expensive tickets. "You should give me because of my status (he's a doctor) and my good status as a customer". I have his address and want to go set rats on his compound. And wish wish wish I could say, "Do you need a tissue? You seem to have a little bit more bullshit on your lip"

I also had a job offer from another one. "Are you enjoying your job?" He owns a company that deals with MLM. Thank you but I think I'll pass on this one. Really.

The most interesting one was this guy, who got a little upset when I told him there wasn't a dress code. "What? How can you all organise such a thing? No dress code? That is such a disrespect for the show!"

I tried telling him it was probably because they wanted to appeal to the Malaysians who are a fussy lot when it comes to dressing up for a show. Why, I told him, I preferred to go to the orchestra for matinées rather than the evening shows which require formal gowns.

Then he solemnly told me, "But do you know, for matinées, they cut down on the songs they play?" I could only laugh at him. Sure, I can imagine the last time I went to watch Rach's 3rd and the pianist decided to cut out the 2nd movement just because it was a cheaper show.

Riddikulos! We ended up talking about how Green Peace people would go naked for the show.

Again, I am reminded that I will fail (or go mad!) should I ever go into Customer Servicing line.

Never Say Never

I always tell people that I hate wearing make-up and never go to work with more than lipstick, since I believe lipstick = make up.

But since I bought my tinted moisturizer, I have been using it on and off to work. I've become a bit more conscious of my freckles after:
1. Reading Karen's posting recently about her remembering my freckles on my nose and cheeks from younger days
2. Getting a comment from the Bobbi Brown sales girl who gave me a sample of their liquid foundation "because you have freckles" last month.

I didn't think much about it but something happened to me over this week. I was in the car on the way to work when I realised I forgot to bring my tinted moisturiser. There was a slight panic that coursed through me as I felt... naked. To make matters worse, I left my lip balm at work which meant I couldn't put on my lipstick before I reached the office. Meaning, I had to walk for 8 minutes, in public, bare.

Oh gawd... when did this feeling ever creep into my life? KS said soon I will want to cut my hair short, perm and dye it like an aunty.

But not to worry, towards the end of the week, I was back to my normal self, wearing only my lipstick if I had a meeting.


Cakes Again

This month, I have baked 4 cakes, a surge from non-utilising the oven for several months now. 3 butter cakes, requested by my in-laws and last week, I tried out a new carrot cake recipe. It was really good! Quite worth the effort and arm ache after grating the carrots, breaking the walnuts etc. Yes, I'm quite lazy when it comes to doing all this little things.

Next week I have Thursday off. Hope to bake another carrot cake then!

Update on the Bomb

It was just a returned envelope, with white powder and a scribble on it "Hydrogen Bomb testing". Dang. And I thought it was a parcel, with at least a suspicious ticking sound.

And it didn't even make it to the news. Cheh...

100 Minutes

I've been watching my Lord of the Rings (original DVDs, courtesy of Ron) for the last week. Each session, I watch one disk, which is about 100 minutes and it takes me late into the night.

But I still love watching it. I just finished The Two Towers last night and can't wait to start on The Return of the King. And I haven't even watched the makings yet. So much to see, so little time!

Unfortunately, my TV set doesn't do it justice. You see, we hardly watch TV so we don't bother upgrading it. The screen is smaller than my computer screen.

Now, if I were to make this a yearly or once in 2 year affair of watching the trilogy, I think we have to start looking at investing in a bigger screen and better sound system. More shiok lah.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hydrogen Bomb

This evening, my office across the street from me received a package. It was marked "Hydrogen bomb" which scared the bejesus out of the staff. They called the cops and by 7:45pm, there were several police cars, a bomb squad, a sniffer dog, a wailing fire engine and dozens of police blocking the entire area.

My colleague on my floor heard about it from our other colleagues in the other building urged and rushed me to join him to watch the whole scene. And he promptly crossed the road nearer to the bomb.

I'm curious and fascinated. But I'm not THAT curious. But hey, if it WERE a hydrogen bomb, I think I'd be killed even if I had reached Klang.

Will get more news tomorrow on what the package contained. Gosh, isn't my workplace exciting?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Hardware!

We just added a couple of hardware on our computer, a DVD burner, router (so that KS can MSN me from downstairs) and a headphone/mic for Skype. Unfortunately, the only thing working well is the router. This also means my husband will be working non-stop since he recently cited his current hobby is his job.

The DVD burner plays music CDs but when I tried to play our U2 Vertigo Tour, it refused to play it. Had to switch it back to my VCD burner to watch it.

As for the headphones, we can't seem to find a way to get the mic working. More tests required this week before we can fully start to Skype. Ron, I've been wanting to ask you what a particular classical piece is, which I can't describe over email or text. It's been playing in my mind for the last couple of months, especially when I go to the loo at work. Don't ask me why.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fashion Show at 1 Utama

Went to my first fashion show and it was great! I usually am not interested in fashion shows but because it was organised by a shopping mall, I reckoned the clothes would be available there at the mall itself. And therefore, wearable.

There were still clothes which were still not really wearable but there were a couple which looked pretty good. I might go visit the shops to take a closer look (at the price tag, more like it!). Met a guy who is a designer of one of the clothes line that was being paraded. He was dropping names like Zang Toi, Bernard Chandran and Bill Keith as his buddies. But other than that, he was friendly and provided some distraction for the otherwise boring pre-show.

Since my colleagues weren't keen to go, I dragged Jan along. She was drooling over one of the models, a Caucasian sporting a five o'clock shadow. We were rubbing shoulders with the local celebrities although I could only spot one. And the emcee was a Channel [V] VJ, Dom. He's cute. The crowd wasn't very responsive, though.

Oh, and when I was asked which company I was representing, I automatically said my ex company's name. Sigh, despite being away for more than 1.5 years, my old company's DNA is still found within me.

All in all, we had a pretty good time although I may not like to attend them too frequently.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

This is so Funny!

Okay, I know this takes a couple of minutes to watch but I couldn't stop laughing out loud throughout.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Hair Pulling Weekend

This weekend was possibly one of the most stressful weekends ever.

Firstly, I discovered I forgot to bring my overnight bag as soon as we were unloading our bags in Malacca. Which meant I had only what I was wearing and it was in sweltering heat. So, I had to go off to buy undies, clothes, toothbrush. Thank goodness it was only for one night.

Then, we frequently got stuck in the massive jams along Mahkota Parade. Apparently, since it was the Easter weekend and Singapore was on public holiday on Friday while Johorians have Monday off to celebrate their Sultan's birthday, the crush of people visiting Malacca was amazing. Why, you could see the crowd from the front page of the local newspaper, showing thousands of people gathered at some church for Good Friday in Malacca.

We went to Jonker's Walk last night where I tried and tried to look for a replacement for my orange voodoo but none of the shops had the colour combination as mine did. So I came back without my ideal replacement.

Then today, we were craving for some good durians for tea and after getting there, we discovered the fruit seller had sold out most of his durians, except for one plastic container. We soon discovered why no one wanted that one. It was absolutely tasteless! Durian is famous for its pungent smell and taste and this had neither!

Instead, we tried to lift our spirits by ordering some ais kacang to soothe the sweltering heat. The stall owner then told us he had just run out of ais kacang and cendol.

Disappointed, we decided to head home to PJ since Jan had plans to meet a friend at 8pm at church. Since it was only 4:30pm, we reckoned we had heaps of time. Until we encountered 3 policemen who had lesser common sense than cows, dispatched to "assist" the flow of traffic at a non-functioning traffic lights just before the highway entrance.

We were there from 5pm until 6:20pm for the short stretch of about 3 km stretch. Just because the road was curved and the cows couldn't see how long the traffic had built up, they decided to give our side a couple of misses (or they just couldn't keep track of who's turn it was next). I sincerely believe a trained monkey could do SO much better.

It's very very frustrating that we couldn't mow them down as we passed them. Or that we can't call anyone to vent our frustration. Sure, Visit Malaysia Year 2007. Visitors trying to get back home today at the Air Keroh toll in the evening would really think twice about coming to Malacca in the near future.

I need another weekend.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Mechanic on molest charge

Accused: Especkerman heading for the lockup after he was charged at the magistrate’s court in Klang yesterday.
KLANG: He was sentenced to three years' jail in 1993 for sexually violating a woman.

The 45-year-old mechanic, who runs a motor workshop here, got into trouble with the law again for allegedly molesting a 20-year-old girl who had come to his place for an interview.

Fabian Gilbert Especkerman was charged under Section 354 of the Penal Code yesterday for using criminal force with intent to outrage the victim’s modesty.

He was accused of committing the offence in Jalan Jasmin, Bandar Botanic, near here, at 10am on March 12.

Especkerman claimed trial to the charge and is being defended by counsel Gerard Lazarus.

Magistrate Mujib Saroji set bail at RM4,000 with one surety and fixed May 2 for the case to be mentioned.


This is my mechanic. The very same one whom I called just 3 days after his alleged molest took place and I was alone with him 2 days later at night to collect my car.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Broken Arm

Haha... NOW I'm starting to sound grouchy myself, complaining about everything.

Today, we're heading to Melaka to celebrate KS's uncle's birthday (hence the baking of two cakes). I'm looking forward to it. I need to replace my voodoo doll as it broke it's left arm last weekend.

So on Monday, I asked my boss who happened to have lunch with us:

Me (in total seriousness): Peter, how is your left arm?

He gives me this stunned look and gives a puzzled frown: Er... okay, I guess. WHY?

Me (shrugging): Oh nothing really. But you sure? No aches, pains or broken bones?

He panics: I cannot answer this trick question!

He never found out why I asked. So guys, if you were worried I suddenly turned to the occult, my voodoo is confirmed not a real one, okay?

3 Hour Journey

Yesterday, I left on the dot after work, at 4:45pm. Yes, I finish work at 4:45pm on Fridays. I was rushing to get to this cake supplies shop to get some stuff as I baked 2 cakes for KS's relatives for this weekend.

I went over to KS' office, took the car, thinking it would be faster and promptly got stuck in a massive jam right until I reached PJ at nearly 7pm. Thank goodness the baking supply shop closes at 7! Then, it took my another hour just to reach Klang. By that time, I felt I needed to reward myself for the torturous journey. And instead, I baked two cakes and did some laundry. Today, I going to have tim sum for breakfast!

It also reminded me why we don't come home early every day from work and would prefer to eat somewhere in PJ before heading home. The jams are so bad, it's not worth it and we'd probably get gastric if we tried to come home to eat.

Have I ever mentioned how living in Klang isn't really conducive when you work in the heart of KL and have most of your activities in PJ? I love the house, the surroundings, my kitchen, my oven, my cat... just sometimes the driving gets to me.

Grumpy Old Man

For the first time in my life, I have encountered someone so unpleasant that I can go against my nature to not be pleasant and not feel guilty about it. This guy is incredible. The first time I met him, I said a passing hello, or a good morning and he completely ignored me. Thereafter, I noticed he ignores everyone else and goes around with a scowl on his face.

When I buy tidbits for everyone else, I would intentionally miss him out and I wouldn't feel guilty about it.

Oh well, not that I bother about him. Just this thought came to mind the other day when I tried to start small talk with him on impulse. Right after I uttered something to him, he glared at me and I had to remind myself who I was trying to talk to.

There are lots of different people in this world, aren't there?

Monday, April 02, 2007


I've been slacking on my blogging. Been catching up on my Gilmore Girls Season 5, some nights watching up to 4 episodes and sleeping past 2am even on a work day.

So, now I'm done watching it, waiting for Season 6 from a friend.

Other than that, work has been hectic with a launch this Thursday, whereby I'd have to wake up at the wee hours of the morning to get to work by 7am for the preparations.

Will blog more later. Now that I'm done with Gilmore Girls, I'm trying to start my next Terry Pratchett. But somehow I feel I need a break from Terry and read someone else. Like The Time Traveler's Wife, which I bought last year and is now sitting collecting dust. Yup, taking it for granted since it's not borrowed.

This year, I plan to buy more books to fulfill my income tax waiver quota for books and magazines. I'm wondering if I should get that imported photography magazine or should I just surf the net? After all, my digital camera's not exactly functioning as per my expectations anymore, even my camera phone takes better shots these days.

Sorry, I'm not very focused right now. Okay, going to have an early night tonight.

Oh, one more thing, My Fair Lady will be showing here in KL. To go or not to go? I'll have to figure a way to bribe Mum down for it as KS won't be dragged there alive - he dislikes musicals.

Oh oh! One LAST thing. After my months and months of downloading Gilmore Girls Season 7 with only 2 more episodes to go, backing up every episode with an external hard drive and burning into half a dozen VCDs (yes, I have yet to buy my DVD burner), my friend tells me she already downloaded them all and can lend them to me soon. Bugger. She also has Heroes. Now I need to find someone who has downloaded Ugly Betty and CSI and never bother about downloading series anymore.