Tuesday, February 26, 2008

3 Years

On this date 3 years ago, KS and I got married. And it’s surprising to get SMSes from friends who still remember this! Or maybe because I’m just not good at dates (hence having my marriage date engraved on my ring really helps!).

I think we're going to watch the Jay Chou movie tonight, after KS immersed himself by going to his concert last Saturday! Perhaps I can convince him to watch something else. :)

Rootote Crazy

I usually read blogs over the weekend when I’m back in Klang with the faster internet connection. So last weekend, I read Karen Cheng and she reviewed this tote bag, Rootote. It looks really good on her and since Australia’s not too far away, I toyed with the idea of getting one too.

Buying off the internet usually means high shipping costs. So I asked a friend who is going there at the end of March to see if he could bring it back for me. I wrote to Grace and asked her if she was interested too and the funny thing is, she's also making arrangements to get the bag shipped to her via her friend too!

The even better thing is, they wrote and said they had a surge of orders from Malaysia and Singapore and will be sending a bulk shipment at a much lower cost! Oh man! I am going to get my tote earlier than expected without having to inconvenience my friend and his family.

So excited over my first physical purchase off the internet!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I have this strange fascination in digging up strange marks on my skin. Like I now have a “mole” on my finger because there was once a black dot on it. I used a needle to dig it out but ended up poking it right to the bone (there’s not much flesh on the skin just below your knuckle anyway) and it started to bleed. So I left it and the skin healed over the blood clot.

When I had a corn on my toe some years back, I jammed a pin as deep as I could and left it there for a while as it formed a cone of hard skin right into my flesh. Dug it out for fun now and then just to see the “hole” until it got deeper. That was only when I cured it with some cream. I think I might have found a new one recently. I’ll wait until my next extraction before I confirm if it’s the cone-like corn again.

Actually, it isn’t just me. The ultimate one on my list is my cousin, Kenny, who had his fun of tying all his milk teeth to an open door and slamming it shut. I remembered his bleeding toothless grin after that stint.

Then there was once when he had some sandy grain that pierced and embedded into his foot after jumping into the Malacca Club pool filled with sandy seawater. He came back, took a needle and proceeded to stab vigorously into the bottom of his foot.

Alas, my cousins migrated to Canada thereafter and I never knew what else he has done.

Surely we have more stories but I can’t recall.

Another Family Photo

Here we are in Ipoh, with a confused grandma-in-law who must be wondering what the heck we were up to since she didn't hear the "Let's be gila" agreement.


New Corner For Kitty

Ang Ku is so cute. The moment I placed her into her new basket, she immediately settled herself down and never got out of it. And the next day when Jan went to collect something from the house, the cat was still in the basket.



She really loves it.

The Language Disadvantage

Ever since I was young, I have been discriminated by vendors and school mates who would refuse to speak to me unless I spoke in Chinese. I readily admit I am a banana (yellow skin, white inside: local expression for non-Chinese English speaking Chinese) but sometimes the flak I receive is just downright rude.

I remember when my close friends and I went swimming in a public pool and we were speaking in English. Three separate groups of guys disturbed and laughed at us for this. “Waaah… speaking uh?” One of the groups went further and said, “I want to f*cking you”. (You can see their levels of English just from these two comments).

Anyway, I was recently in Ipoh over the CNY and usually would buy back the yummy egg tarts the morning before we leave for KL. I wanted to order 25 tarts and decided to show a sign language instead of speaking, so I showed a 2 and a 5. The old lady didn’t/couldn’t/not bothered to seem to understand as I said it in English. I ended up saying it in BM. She gave me a look and passed my order to her husband who was still finishing up with the customer before me. Instead, she started serving the customer after me.

As for her husband, he didn’t take the tarts from the fresh trays but instead took them from the display cabinet. Although I’m sure they were just as fresh, I was wondering why the difference when the customer before me also ordered over 20 tarts but had hers taken out of the warm moulds.

KS now curses the place that it will burn down by the next time we go there and he will NEVER send me back there again as he hopes they will go out of business.

But for me, for the sake of those egg tarts… I’m willing to memorize saying the numbers in Cantonese before I get down from the car. KS tells me to get someone else to drive me there coz he won’t. :(

So, I’m looking for a new egg tart shop in Ipoh (or better, in KL) to replace this one that is cursed to be burnt down. Suggestions?


A couple of Sundays ago, a whole bunch of us went to the FRIM Forest Reserve for a supposed photography outing. Unfortunately it was too overcast for good lighting. We had a great breakfast and set off to the waterfall anyway.

It drizzled as we went along and boy, was it a hike for someone who never exercises! KS was dripping with sweat, my specs were fogged up and it was still a long way before we reached our destination. After walking so much, the excursion became more of a hiking trip than a photography session, as I was so uninspired due to tiredness.


I dawdled along and stopped by to shoot this to show how big the fallen leaves were. Waited for my friend’s father to catch up and chatted with him as we strolled. We were talking about how he has yet to encounter leeches when I looked down and lo and behold, there was one little bloodsucker firmly attached to my leg. He had to remove it for me coz I was too geli to touch it.

Now I have another mark on the same leg due to leeches. Dang those creatures!


I notice a lot of people have this misconception. That, the minute one is made to be a manager/leader, they should be filled with wisdom and knowledge that befits their position. The common statement I hear is, “He’s a manager, he should know these things!”

It’s as though the moment they are given the position, wisdom pours down forth from the heavens and equips them with excellent decision-making skills. It’s NOT! They’re humans too and have new things to learn every day.

Perhaps it is the manner the manager/leader carries themselves. They act as if they know everything in the world and therefore when they fumble, everyone gleefully pounces on them.

Why am I bringing this up? Because I usually see those who have this misconception suffer. They suffer more than the other person will as they harbour the unforgiveness.

But if the manager/leader follows Dogbert’s Management theories, then let me in the fray!

Elections Are Here!

Why is it the season for elections all around the world? I don’t remember this coincidence.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to voting in PJ on 8 March. My voting station is just a 5-minute walk away and I WILL be voting. The last time I had to travel all the way back to Alor Star.

I’ve been asking people around me if they are voting and a surprising number of my friends have not registered to vote. I have one or two who have registered but are not bothered as they think their one vote doesn’t mean anything.

On the other hand, I hear about people who passionately speak about politics and yet are not registered. So, so disappointing.

I’m even considering to volunteer to help out as a counting/polling agent just to have a first hand experience to see if the counting is done fairly or not. Hmm… for the sake of curiousity.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Chinese New Year 2008

We had a great Chinese New Year, meeting with family and friends, surrounded with ample food. My parents-in-law had their usual open house on the 2nd day and despite the rushing around, I had a great time meeting KS old school mates again. Here’s categorizing the holidays:

I had to buy new pants for the New Year so I went shopping… on the day before CNY! Bought 3 pairs from Marks & Sparks. Not happy with the quality and will be returning one as soon as I can.

My sis-in-law brought back my beloved Lush purchases. Lovely lovely scents…

One of KS friends brought his iPhone. Yes, I actually held an iPhone over these holidays. He’s using it in Singapore where wifi is everywhere. In Malaysia, it would be a totally cool but useless tool.

At another gathering, another of his friends wanted to show me photos of his working place in China so he handed over to me his D80. It was then when I realized I was surrounded with avid Nikon DSLR fans (another had a D300) so we had an excited discussion about where to get them, what lens (even though I don’t know what they were talking about) but wow… the photos look so much better and sharper on a Nikon DSLR. Why I’m actually still thinking about a DSLR is because, somehow, my photos are recently turning out to be very blur and I don’t know why.

Which leads me to my next category:

Took plenty of photos as I had just purchased my first tripod (thought I’d start with a normal one rather than the Gorrilapod). Unfortunately, I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of them.

Here are two family shots, both using the tripod.
The ISO on the photo taken with my family was not very high, 400, I think but it is soo noisy!

The one with my in-laws had natural light so it was fine.

I took plenty of photos but am not happy at all with most of the shots. Really wondering, is there something wrong with my camera or is it just me?

In the course of 4 days, I met 3 dogs. Well, 3 significant dogs anyway.

First, it was a poodle named Elvie (or was it LV?). I didn’t take a photo of her. She was banished to Masjid Tanah because the owner who lives in a condo in Selangor had neighbours complaining about the noise while she’s at work. Poor gal.

Second was a Great Dane, Goofy. He is gorgeous and has a lovely black coat. Only 11 months, he stands… tall.

Cowering to a fierce little dog next door

Third one was a beagle, Roxy. She is really lovely. Will wait for photo taken on KS handphone.

Sigh… what a lovely time. But there was a series of folks going into the hospitals too:

My own grandma was admitted to hospital on the 2nd day due to difficulty in breathing. She’s out of the hospital now.

One of KS cousins nearly drowned on the 3rd day. He was under water for 5 minutes but thank goodness he’s ok. Had internal bleeding due to consuming too much water and was breaking out in spasms.

KS uncle in Ipoh had a fall and hurt his neck on the 4th day. He’s almost bedridden due to old age and should still be in hospital.

So, it’s been quite a happening 4 days. Will update more when I come back from Ipoh this weekend.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

And More Shopping!

And more on shopping, I managed to secure "free" air tickets to Bangkok in May! (Why I say "free" is because AirAsia now is charging a strange "Administration fee" which never existed the last time I flew with them. And nowhere in their site explains what this fee is for. And it is not cheap, compared to the RM9.99 flights they like to advertise.)

Enough grousing. I am still so looking forward to it! Never been there before despite staying so close. Everyone says it is a shopping haven and I'm getting bitten by the shopaholic bug a little bit more frequently in recent months.

Where to stay? Where to shop? What to look out for? Are tailors good there (think scoop dress!)? Are clothes at the Chatuchak market of good quality? Oooo... I can't wait!

Internet Shopping

Speaking of buying over the internet, I'm suddenly struck with the desire to shop for clothes over the internet. The crap thing about it is that:
1. The models are... well, models
2. I really don't know if it will fit me
3. The worst thing is, most shops are based in the US. So shipping costs as much as the dress.

So here I am, browsing through Victoria's Secret dresses and Fashion Junkie site (no thanks to Karen Cheng!) and looking at all these gorgeous clothes. It gets worse since I have a particular neckline I want, u or scooped (not sure if that's the correct terminology for it. Sidetrack: I like Cloe Dao, winner of Season 2 Project Runway. Yeah, Malaysia's a bit behind in our tv series), and most of them are deep v neck ones.

Still, I'm browsing because I also want to get ideas so that I can perhaps tailor make them. Yeah right. One very fine day.

Different Perspective

We just gave a box of chocolates to a 7 year old this evening and his excited response?

"Wow! I want the box!"

I'll remember to eat the chocolates first next time.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Mad About Lush

It's difficult to be crazy over a brand of shampoo, conditioner, face soap and body soap which is not found in Malaysia. Lush is being "imported" to me via my sis-in-law from Perth.

I got addicted to it when she introduced it to Jan and me two years ago. Usually, I don't like buying something I cannot touch and smell (unless it's a CD or book which I'm ok to buy over the net) so getting my sis-in-law to buy various products was a very sad process as part of the buying was done via describing of words. "How does it smell?" "Is the lotion too oily?"

Anyway, she's been a dear and purchased everything I think I need at the moment. New soaps and lotions for the new year! Yay!

Annual Bath

Ang Ku the cat now smells of green apples in preparation for Chinese New Year. She doesn't seem too pissed about it though. Poor gal.