Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dang YouTube Spammers!

Since I didn't manage to catch Usain Bolt's fantastic 100m and 200m record breakers last night, I tried to YouTube it but can't find the original footage. All full of crap! Grr....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Empty" Nail

When I went caving a couple of months back, I stubbed my big right toe and it turned black. Because it looked so ugly whenever I wore my sandals, I decided to have a pedicure to cover it.

Isn't it pretty? My first pedicure with design! Unfortunately, my nail curled so much after the session that I had to hobble around the house the next day. If you can see, my right toe is redder and narrower than my left.

But you know the fascinating thing about this toe? I could insert a nail file for a good 1.5cm under the nail before it hit where flesh met nail! Charming! I'm told to wait for it to grow at least half the length before I cut it off or I could go to the doctor's now and have it yanked out. It sounds wonderfully painful so I'm all for the first option.

I just realised I took a photo of my colleague's thumb who's nail also had to be pulled out. But fingernail takes much faster to grow than toe nail.


A colleague who's leaving requested me to make some cheese sticks. It's tedious and the returns are not as high as cakes, where you mix everything, dump it into the oven and eat it for days. This particular biscuit takes hours and it can disappear within a day.

With a bit of good timing, another friend was offering free cheddar so I took the opportunity to make some over the weekend.

Anyway, what made this biscuit making session special was that KS helped me out the whole four hours. He patterned, sliced and arranged each piece onto the baking tray. Even though he grumbled a bit but I really appreciated him helping me throughout the afternoon.

Here's our booty, after half was already taken away and this portion that I took to the office is now gone. KS says the next time he will charge RM100 for the next batch or RM0.50 per piece. :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Malaysia's 1st Medal

Tonight, most Malaysians will be glued to the tv to watch and cheer on our first medalist for the Beijing Olympics in the Men Singles Badminton. Odds are against the Malaysian but heck, we're still going to be screaming our hearts out.

I went into the official Olympic site and actually found
the photos of the two who will be playing.

This is the China player, Lin Dan. Found on this site.

Then, introducing our Malaysian athlete, Lee Chong Wei.

Alamak... doesn't he have a more recent photo than his high school days? So tak yau yeng, hair parted in the centre lagi.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Of Mermaids and Goat Sex

I enjoy reading MetroDad, he comes up with really interesting stuff. Check out the Wikipedia links he's mentioned recently about Mermaid Problem (ok, I admit I did wonder how on earth did a man have sex with a mermaid when I was growing up on love stories between the two) but the thought of the other kind of mermaid (fish from the waist up and female legs) is just too gross. Hahaha...

Then I learn about the man who had to marry a goat as he was caught having sex with it. It's just too funny not to pass it on.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pick Me Ups

After a long horrible week, my week started picking up as soon as I bumped into an ex-colleague. We screamed the mamak down when we saw each other and basically caused a slight commotion as we hugged and exchanged our hellos. It was really good to see her after so long and I really missed the atmosphere she brings to work. And when I'm with her, I also become crazy and exaggerated.

Then the next day, the rat we've been trying to catch for SO long finally got caught. We had already given up hope that it would be lured to the bait so I got really excited about catching this one.

That evening, I happened to call Mum and only found out that Grace and family were there. Had a really great weekend hanging out with them, playing with the kids, went shopping with Grace and bought my first watch in ages after a "short" contemplation. Hey, 2.5 months is a short time for deciding something. Like my other interests, I knew I had to get a cheap reliable one and see how well I take to watches after so long.

Now I'm ready to face a new week. If only all weeks ended this way. :)


The first time I heard about Toastmasters was in 2000, I’ve been curious to know what goes on in a club that helps people improve their public speaking skills. Since then, I’ve had numerous invitations to join a meeting.

Last Thursday was the very first time I finally went. There were about 30-40 people that night but because of a jam, I missed the first part of the session, Table Topic, which allows everyone to participate. I was only in time for the presentations followed by the people who gave feedback on each presentation. That was quite interesting. I always had the impression that the people there were really good and merely polishing their public speaking but I was heartened to observe the speakers struggle with their language, tone and speech. It made me feel… human.

Although I enjoyed myself and met quite a lot of people, I’m not absolutely sure if I want to attend this on a regular basis as I haven’t established what my objectives are if I were to join.

Anyway, it was great fun and I will certainly visit it again.

Unnessesary Censorship

I can't seem to embed this video but it's funny.

Hello, Hello!

Oh my GAWD!!!!! U23D is coming to Singapore!!!! Finally! FINALLY! 19-23 Nov 08. There's a 3DX Exhibition and they're showing U23D as part of their examples of 3D technology. They better allow non-exhibitors to watch them too!

Sigh, if I can't get the real thing, 3D could be a good salve, no?

My good husband stayed up all night to find out where would be the nearest country to bring in this U23D as I was passionately scheming last Sunday on how to get my company to sponsor it into Malaysia.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Randy Pausch

I'm currently reading Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture and didn't realise he has just passed away on the 25th July. :(


The reason why I don't buy books these days is because I don't have a proper storage for them. And most of the time, I only read them once so I'm always borrowing books (which also makes me read them faster! I still haven't read books I bought two years ago). Only problem with borrowing books is that I am unable to claim it from my income tax which rebates us for books purchased every year.

So when KS told me about Kindle, the device that's the iPod of books from Amazon, it sounds like the perfect solution! Anyone tried this gadget yet? It cuts down paper use, saves space and you'd sure look cool with a gadget like that on the LRT! Plus the people around you won't know what you're reading so I could be reading a kiddie book and not feel embarrassed.