Monday, October 31, 2005

Adopted Again

On Saturday night, as we walked past through our gates, a wee little thing, which KS at first thought was a rat, starting picking it's way through our garden towards our direction. He came towards us mewing and rubbing itself at our ankles. I couldn't help but to feed him.

Yep, we've been adopted again by another kitten. Unfortunately, since he's (or she, I can't tell. Yes, I've stayed with 14 cats two times in my life yet I wasn't able to determine Jay's gender until I took him to the vet. As I said, I'm glad I didn't give him a feminine name) still a kitten, he's quite attached unlike Charles who hasn't been back for more than a week now. This kitten has been around every day since then.

He's black to ash with an orange dot between his ears with a faint orange streak on his back. We're calling him Ashton for the time being or Ashley if he turns out to be a she.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Tales of Eric - The Gas Tank

Okay, I'm bored with Neopets (for once!) and can't do any more work as I am starting to feel the strain on the back of my neck, and KS is still doing work (dang you boy, don't live for the company!) so I'm going to tell you more tales of Eric as promised. Sorry Eric, my own stories aren't as colourful as yours and since you'd never blog...

Since I told you the most recent incident that happened to him, I'll go backwards in time. This one has to do with his car's gas tank.

About the end of last year, he came to pay KS and I a visit in my in-law's home. Upon reaching, we greeted him with open doors (Ah Jin the dog who has many victims was securely locked up) and found him instead crouching on all fours looking under his car. He explained that at a curve he negotiated neaby, a loud scraping sound screeched from below his car and he was looking to see what was making all that racket.

He found a metal strip apparently stuck to his car so he yanked it out, took one curious glance at it, flung it into a vacant lot opposite the house and shrugged off any other thought to it.

Until early this year. One morning on his way into his office car park, he heard a loud thud and came down to inspect what it was. This time, it was quite evident that his gas tank was protruding from below. Gingerly, he manouvered his car into a parking lot and called his mechanic.

His mechanic came up with the brilliant idea of asking him to drive to the workshop, which wasn't far off but STILL. And Eric, obediently following his mechanic's advice, drove his car slowly onto the highway. I must say he managed to go quite a distance with the tank hanging precariously on one belt (yup, it was one of two belts that he threw away last year) until he approached a road bump. Not expecting to make it, he tried to go as slow as he could but...

CRASH! The belt gave way and the entire tank landed on the road. He had just filled his tank to it's brim the night before. Petrol started spilling onto the road but thank goodness it wasn't gushing from any cracks. He managed to drag his car to the side of the road although I wonder how he did that without creating any sparks with the tank on the tar.

In the end, the mechanic had to drive his tow truck to take his car away. But before that, he had to risk his life by crawling under the car to slowly drain the petrol tank. He was soaked in petrol and should there have been even a mere spark, he, along with Eric and car, would have been engulfed by some spectacular flames.

Now, how many people do you know who've had his gas tank fall out AND find a 10 foot long python in his 12th floor apartment? Wait, there's more. Until the next episode.

Fare thee well

Today is the last day for my boss and my Monster friend. Monster, I expect you to still keep in touch and still read my blog. I promise to read yours if you'd update it more often. Boss, I don't expect you to read or ever stumble upon this blog.

Now my lunch group from an original 6 is whittled down to 3 and once I leave next month, it will be down to 2. I've been trying to sell tickets to other colleagues to join our elite group that gives you better chances of leaving this company. See our success rate of 66.67%! Nobody's buying it though.


My generous relatives have decided not to risk their health by eating a meal prepared by me and have decided to come for tea instead. Ah, THAT one I can handle.

So in the meantime, I've invited more relatives for lunch on the same day so that I don't have to cook just for one aunt! Hahahaha... I'm trying to kill myself.

Speaking about killing myself, I've baked 4 cakes in 48 hours with work in between and CG on Wednesday which ended at nearly midnight. Last night's cake said it plain and clear, "You're no spring chicken and you can't take this stress". As I was washing up while waiting for it to bake, I buckled over the sink as a dizzying spell hit me. I tried sitting with my head between my knees but nothing worked as the room span crazily. In the end, I was reduced to a crumpled heap on the bed, attempting to shut my brains from the spinning sensation and intructing my lungs to "Breathe in, breathe out" otherwise I would have forgotten.

Well, ok, I won't blame the cakes for this. It's more likely the stress from the weekend without resting and the thought of having to handover for my last month here while dreading the new job with working Saturdays and a much faster pace. I was talking to my future colleague (I'm not sure he knows I'm joining them) and casually asked him how many projects he was currently handling. He offhandedly said, "Oh, 20 at the moment". I nearly dropped from my chair. I have 3 projects and I'm struggling. Oh well, maybe they're 20 itsy-bitsy projects. Yeah right.


Just found out that I'm having low blood pressure which is why I'm feeling dizzy. Need to eat more salt. Tau ewe, here I come!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I've been wanting to invite my aunt over to my place in Klang and finally asked her a couple of weeks ago. She selected Deepavali as she was then free to come over.

So I was thinking, what on earth do I cook for just one person? All that effort, I might as well invite some other relatives.

Unwittingly, I sent an sms to my cousin in KL inviting them to come over. I ASSUMED that since it was so far, only one car would make it, bringing the total number of guests to 6. Yeah right.

Today, she calls me and excitedly informs me that ALL of them are coming, from my grandma to my aunt who is back from UK, all my cousins (which is like 6 of them excluding partners - add 3 to that number) and bringing the 3rd generation of 2 kids as well.

BRAVO for that SMART move, girl. Never have I hosted a dozen people for lunch and mind you, I DON'T COOK. At first I was thinking of simple pasta but now with grandma coming, she ain't gonna switch her 80 year diet of Chinese food for pasta.

I am so screwed. Now, the superpower I'd like to have right now is to wave my hand over uncooked food and have them cooked to perfection.

Super Powers

Jan and I were having dinner with H two days ago and Jan started talking about Sky High, the movie she had caught over the weekend. After describing the super powers of some characters, we starting thinking about what kind of super power that hasn't been created yet and that we'd like to have.

H was so funny as the first thing he came up with was "Being able to change myself into a Mamak anytime!". His super strength would be able to fling tosei and roti canai which would slice anything in it's path. Oh and we'd get a free meal everytime we went to any Mamak shop to eat since he could transform and act as though he's the owner.

Later, Jan then suggested to be able to walk past anything messy and it would miraculously be transformed into a clean and neat place. H scoffed and said that was so FEMININE of us to think of such things. Challenging him to come up with something better than that, he shrugged and said he'd like to be able to transform into a traffic light. No explanation given.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Devil's Nut

During the mooncake month (the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival), where I grew up in Alor Star I had only known mooncakes and lanterns as the norm of the season.

When I came to KL after my secondary school, my friend introduced me this scary looking nut and insisted these were also eaten during the season. I reckon it's only popular here in the Klang Valley.

Image hosted by
It looks like the devil itself doesn't it? Can you see the eyes and the horns?

I don't know what it's called. If you manage to crack the hard shell open without blistering your fingers, the fruit itself is soft and white. I can't say much for the flavour as I can't remember. But I know I'm not overly fond of it. This piece is a souvenier from the season and sitting in my wardrobe, don't ask me why.

Sua Ku

Some people are so easily excited. Such a simple thing as standing at the start of the tarmac at the airport to watch the planes approach and seeing the giant steel machines guided to perfect landings also can evoke such giddy bouts of awe.

Image hosted by

Even then, also bring camera along to take photos of the approaching planes.
What lah. As though never seen a plane before or even sat in one. Even more embarrassing, wave to the pilots like crazy as though they'll wave back.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

This is typically like the Malay proverb "Bagai katak di bawah tempurung" or other versions such as "being like a frog in a well" or "just like one has come out from the kampung". Crazy lah these people. Landing planes also can get so excited.

Psssstt.... if you wanna know where to go to watch them at KLIA, I'll bring you there next time. I've memorised the way there. This is me with an approaching plane.

Image hosted by

Monday, October 24, 2005

Snake in Toilet

There's an article in the papers today about someone finding a snake in their toilet. I'll tell you a more amazing story.

It happened to my friend Eric (KS's best man at our wedding). He lives on the 12th floor of his apartments. He woke up early one Saturday morning and went into his attached bathroom. The first thing he noticed was that the toilet seat was down and for a guy who lives alone, this hardly happens. Shrugging it off, he started cleaning the bathroom, taking his time in cleaning it carefully since he had the whole morning to do it.

Then he got into the shower and also took his time. As he shoved the shower curtain aside to step out, he glanced up and noticed this huge monster of a snake coiled tightly around some drain pipes just above his toilet. If you had never seen a dripping naked guy jump out of the bathroom in absolute fright, this was the time it happened.

He immediately slammed the bathroom door shut and called the Fire & Rescue Department after he calmed his nerves and dressed. The person who responded to the call was almost disbelieving, "What, you're saying there's a snake on your 12th floor apartment?".

Not wanting to be in the same vincinity of the snake, he proceeded downstairs to the entrance of his apartment to wait for the fire brigade. Now, this was already about 8:30am when the fire engines wailed and screamed their sirens into his apartments, causing a rousing amongst the residents. The burly men jumped out and Eric took them to his apartment. By that time, the entourage had attracted a mass of inquisitive neighbours. They kept asking Eric to let them into his place to see the snake but Eric, in a flash horroried realisation, decided against letting them trample into his clean apartments just to gawk at the snake while the firemen tried to wring it from the pipes.

In the end, they managed to bring it down and bag it. One fireman confessed that in all his years of service, he had NEVER encountered such a huge snake. It was estimated to be about 10 feet long with a massive diameter of a good 6 inches.

In the midst of all the hullabaloo, a tousled Korean student appeared and claimed that the snake was his. Apparently he had just bought it from a pet shop the day before and had not secured the enclosure, resulting in its escape. He reported it's disappearance to the guards but somehow none of the guards seemed to have remembered in time to tell Eric it belonged to his neighbour.

Eric blasted the Korean boy for his irresponsibility and demanded he remove it from the premises immediately. It was fortunate that the boy was in the process of shifting out so he managed to park the snake somewhere else before he shifted out.

Oh, I have more Stories of Eric which will amaze you but will have to tell you at another time as I need to go home now.

Brains Wrung Dry

It was a weekend that is best described by KS:

"I feel like the top of my skull was carved open, my brains taken out, spun around and placed back again."

It was an intensive weekend of planning for the youth ministry in my church where KS is serving and I tagged along. Right from Friday night, we shot to a Sepang hotel to get holed up for the entire weekend just squeezing out brains out. I was the only one who wasn't serving in this ministry and had to work doubly hard in firstly understanding what the discussions were about and then digesting it before trying to come up with suggestions.

On Sunday, I was so tired and stressed when it suddenly occured to me that, Hey! Why am I getting so stressed over all the planning when I'm only HELPING, for cryin' out loud! So then I decided to join the Pastor's wife who was looking after their kids and watched Barbie's Swan Lake.

But it was a good time of understanding on what the church's youth culture is like and the dedication and commitment these leaders have behind it. To be honest, I'd be scared stiff to join them as it is intense and has a very high level of commitment. Makes me take a look at my own ministry and realise that gee, WHAT have I put into my own CG?

Friday, October 21, 2005

Studio Ghibli

I borrowed a 10 VCD set from a friend all from the Ghibli Studio. I first heard of him after watching Spirited Away. If you haven't watched it, go watch it. The first time I did, it was strange and I didn't enjoy it as much. After a couple of weeks, we got our hands on the DVD and watched it again. I'm now hooked.

This 10 boxed set movie is a collection of his old cartoons. Famous ones are Princess Mononoke and Totoro. Most of them make you feel very weird and gloomy and to a certain extent, depressing. Particularly the Tombstone of the Fireflies. That is so SAD!

The soundtrack for each movie has a unique strain of hauntingly beautiful melodies. Perfect for that stare-out-of-the-window-when-it-is-raining minutes.

KS and I were excitedly talking about it just before lunch and I urged him to go get the soundtrack at lunch. Oh, why can't the day go a bit faster today??


What I had reckoned would be a general reaction to the news of the death of the First Lady was totally wrong when I heard some ridiculous and heartless responses:

"Oh! So do we get a holiday?"

(After some spam was distributed about Monday being declared a holiday to mark the death) "Yay! Public holiday on Monday!" "Eh, someone has died and you're celebrating?!" "I'm not the one who died mah" came the reply.

I suppose the reason why I'm more affected was because for 2 years now, my entire church has been praying for her recovery. We've always remembered her in our prayers off and on.

I can't believe someone from the Press asked the PM, "So how are you feeling now?". What did he expect for an answer?? His reponse? "We'll see".

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sad Day for Malaysia

The nation goes into grief as it is announced that PM Pak Lah's wife Endon has passed away this morning at 7:55am after battling with breast cancer for years. Pak Lah has always made his love for his wife apparent and had spent the last few days being with her as much as he could.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'll tell you why Toilets

Okay, I admit, there was something that bothered me to the point that I kept dreaming of toilets. I was having an infection and was living in denial.

It came to a point that I started to have blood in my urine on Friday and that frigthened the crap out of me. So I obediently went to the doctor, one week after the symptoms started. The doctor was of course aghast that I chose to suffer in silence and proceeded to give me a good scolding with loads of medication.

The antibiotics worked and a foul tasting liquid which was supposed to help me but made me feel like throwing up. Later, I was told that I could actually dillute it instead of drinking it straight from the bottle. Yucks! The doctor should have told me that to save my suffering!

Anyway, by yesterday, the last day of my antibiotics course, I was feeling wuzzy and queasy. Later I found out that the antibiotics that I took had that side effect on "some people". Great. Again, another little detail the doctor missed out.

So I took an MC yesterday and tried to sleep all the dizziness off. Thank God my parents were around so they looked after me. Hence, my silence over the last couple of days. I'm still not a 100% but much better and taking a stronger dose of antibiotics. Great.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Toilet Fireplace

Last night's toilet dream was grander than the toilets dreamt for the last 3 nights. This time, I was in my old school and was trying to use the toilets but they had shut it for some filming (don't ask me why a crew was shooting in a school toilet). So I had to go upstairs where there was a special toilet reserved for the Sultanah when she was a student there. Somehow, her tastes were very much Queen Elizabethen as there was a fireplace (in this weather!), an elaborate carpet with a reclining couch with loads of details on it. Think Versache. (Must be that Becky Leogardo lady, who sells beauty products and advertises her face on her billboards, we were talking about the other day).

To the right of the room, opposite the fireplace and couch, there were wooden chairs lined up against the walls. Of course, they were not really chairs as right in the middle of it, there was the toilet bowl. It had arm rests and of course, no partitians whatsoever.

So there I was, again, in urgent need to go so I sat on the first chair which was lodged in a corner, hoping that it wasn't too visible. Before I could pull my pants down, someone from the filming crew came in and cautiously took a clock from the mantelpiece muttering, "I hope the Queen doesn't mind if I borrowed this for the shoot". Of course she saw me.

After so much stress of trying to pull down my pants to take a pee, I woke up and did my now familiar routine, go to the toilet. Thereafter, I couldn't fall back sleep since it was an hour before I had to get up.

I ain't drinking any water tonight.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Believing in your Product

Normally, when you do any sort of selling, you would firstly need to convince yourself in the product, right?

So far in my first job, I didn't quite believe in selling a product worth half a million but I did sell one before I left that job. Now, I'm selling some collectibles which to me, are nice to look at but something I won't collect on my own since I don't have much of hobby in it.

Anyways, so here I am, on MSN with a customer who suddenly asks, "Do you think it is worthwhile for me to get another complete set?". A complete set is worth more than RM7k. I can simply just say, "Yes! It's absolutely worth it! You MUST get it and not let this chance pass!".

Instead, I find myself lamely saying things like, "When you collect something, the value really depends on how you, as a collector, views it". Now how obscure could I get?

I'd better start brainwashing myself to start loving my new product in my new place soon.


The papers talk about super aedes lurking in our very midsts. The radio announced the death toll from Aedes is 76 so far this year with more than 1000 cases alone reported THIS WEEK. And what do I have?

Proudly standing out on my left arm from elbow to fingertips is 9 bites while on my right, I have 7 bites, all from one night. Either that or I'm coming down with some kind of pox.

Oh, and another night of toilet dreams.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


For the last 2 days I have had dreams with regards to toilets. Particularly, toilet bowls with no walls and that I HAVE to use them. Yesterday's dream was with strangers with 3 toilet bowls lined up against the walls along a corridor. Last night's one had one of my IT Dept guys in the toilet with me while I was sitting on the throne. Gee, I know I'm having some constipation but this is getting a bit too far.

Maybe it's because I've been complaining to my colleague to fix one of our office toilet doors that has fallen apart due to white ants. I'd wedge the door and still use the toilet and it seems I'm the only one doing this as others will use the other 3 stalls. Ah well, when you have an exclusive toilet, why not?

But I think it'll be more fun to blame Jan for she ALWAYS dreams about toilets. At the height of the Matrix, she dreamt that she'd travel to the "real world" via toilet bowls. It runs in the family.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Satay Stick

I have a cell group member whose foot was always a fascination to me as it had a "hole" at the bottom of it. Of course in the first few months of knowing him, I didn't dare to ask until one day we were sharing about body scars when I asked him about it.

His story is this. When he was in his primary school, he used to play with this bunch of boys and they'd leap over this fence to get to the other side (of what I can't remember). Anyways, once there was construction going on at that area and a mound of sand was piled below this fence, ready to be mixed into cement. They would happily jump into the sand and run off along their way. One day, this friend of mine saw a satay stick nearby and decided to plant it hidden in the sand so that the next unsuspecting chap would leap to a painful landing.

I guess I don't need to explain further but the moral of the story is, if you want to plant a trap for someone else, don't fall into it yourself! Which reminds me of the time my sis planted a dead cockroach in the room and asked me to go in there to retrieve a book, in hope that I would step on it barefooted. I saw it, side-stepped it and couldn't find the book so she went into the room to look for the book and stepped on the cockroach herself. Her shrieks could be heard throughout the neighbourhood. (It doesn't matter that later I stepped on it when my brother asked me to go in to rock Jan to sleep in that room. I'm still amazed that Jan didn't wake up screaming along with my screams.)

No lah, the moral is, don't lah be so evil. The stick broke into three parts and one part was still embedded in his foot when he got home. His grandmother prayed over it and voila! It came out by itself after a few hours!

I still cringe every time I look at the base of his foot.

Tom & Katie

Overheard on the radio this morning about how Scientologists do not believe in pain killers and that when you're giving birth, you shouldn't scream or yell because it will scare the baby.

"Katie should bring a knife when she's giving birth so that she can stab Tom every time she feels the pain and isn't allowed to scream. No, no, make that slicing his stomach to spill his guts out."

"You really don't like Tom, do you?"

"Honey, if you were to expect me not to take pain killers and scream while giving birth, I'll slice your guts out too."

Friday, October 07, 2005


Some of my colleagues are taking swimming lessons this month and have had many lunch discussions as to how the classes were being conducted. Many suggestions were also made for the rest of us who aren't taking the class to go for a swim. I'm a little reluctant to join them. Why?

Sometime last year, I decided to buy a new swim suit since my old one was handed down from my sister. It's a one piece suit that had a steep v and well, let's just say the last few times I wore it, I had forgotten to uh, wax. I can still remember in Tioman, Mum's eyes widening and indicating to me to do a little tucking, in front of relatives and a boatman.

So I had my eye on a two piece which looked something like this:

Image hosted by
A two piece with pants that will not expose any vomit-inducing sights as well as cellulite. Happily I made my purchase at a sale.

The next time I put it on, I realised one HUGE mistake. You see, the top has colourful pink flowers just like the picture and the pants is slightly more pinkish. Neon pink. So now, my mass of an arse is HIGHLIGHTED every time I drop the towel and make a dash for the pool.

If I do swim these days, it would be at dusk so that the shadows will hide the neon glare.

Those Were The Days, My Friend..

Hey, remember when we were young, we had this plastic thing that helped you make lovely designs such as these:

Image hosted by
Photo taken from

It had a outer plastic circle and you need to place a second coin sized plastic thingamajig with holes and then poke a pencil into one of the holes and turn the plastic coin around the inside circumference of the outer plastic... Aaarrrghh... I don't know how to describe it but it proved to be a lot of fun for me when I was young. No computers then mah. It'd be cool to get hold of a set to keep though. Problem is, how and where on earth do I start looking for it? Ah! Maybe the sundry shop guy...

The other thing I remember is Kalkitos. Man! Remember those? I remembered having the Disney Alley Cats one and I had to scratch the cats out all over the dilapitated piano. We were only rewarded them when we went to Penang once in a blue moon.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

You know...

You know you're getting older when you flip past fashion, shocking gossip and beauty tips in a new magazine and go straight to the recipes section.


Yesterday I was showing my colleague some Halloween products off Martha Stewart’s website where she had some interesting looking paper bags with interesting designs on it. What you need to do is to fill the base with sand and place a tealight candle inside so that the designs will glow.

Image hosted by

My colleague then suggested we should do the same on one of our products which is a glass covered tealight. Instantly my creative juices kicked in and I got excited, wanting to explore the possibilities of this idea. All she said was, “So what happens when someone orders it? We can’t deliver it the next day!”.

It made me long for the good ol’ days, when I was in a team of people with the same wavelength, humour and positive attitude to build each other’s ideas up instead of shooting it down. Yeah, this was the same team that named our meeting rooms Rivendell and pasted CSI warnings on the bosses doors. It dawned upon me that perhaps this is the reason why I found my old job so enjoyable. Now that they’ve all left, the magic and synergy is also gone. We would get so excited when an idea hit us. Some examples of what we’ve done:

We built a nativity scene using some wizard figurines (as Joseph and the wise men), a soft toy donkey (Bulls Eye), a Power Puff keychain (as Mother Mary).

At the height of Star Wars, we clothed our koala and sheep clip-ons in a painstaking and elaborate Darth Vader outfit made of paper, complete with lightsabers. Princess Leia was easy, since the sheep had the round shaped horns.

Yeah, life was fun, work was made to be fun. We learnt together, got excited about the new things we were learning like wines, Chinese Tea, Winnie-the-Pooh, Lord of the Rings (of course). We sharpened our minds and ideas against each other and encouraged each other to delve into the subject beyond what was required of us at work.

Here’s my appreciation to a great team. Cheers!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I Will Survive!

"The rat is still alive! You go deal with it since it was your idea to keep it at the back of the house."

After 10 mins of getting ready to shower upstairs, KS still didn't come up.

"Dear? Are you trying to bond with the rat?"

"What rat? That's Sam you're talking about!"

Ohh boy...

We left Sam in the garden the whole night, hoping that the moring rays will do the trick but it rained. I took a quick glance at it as we left to work and he was curled up in a small ball from the cold. The dark clouds were already breaking, with a hint of the sun's rays peeking out of the cracks.

KS tried to make me promise the next rat we catch we'll release it... somewhere.


After days of stress and almost sleepless nights about "What if their counter offer is better than the other company? Which would I pick?", the verdict is in and I'm feeling... drained.

Last night was spent listing down the pros and cons for staying back or joining the new company, debating on what factors that make each job more worthwhile, praying and crying, asking God for a clear path and a loud shout as to which direction to take. I must admit my preference started to get favourable towards staying on.

Well, God couldn't have spoken louder today. Father, now all I ask is strength and sustenance to go through with the whole thing. Resigning is a stressful thing indeed.

Monday, October 03, 2005


I’ve become an instant star in my company. Everyone’s talking, from the cleaning lady to those on the factory floor to the IT Department to Finance. Whispers of “she’s leaving” is blazing through the grapevines faster that I can blink.

It feels weird. It will be a really sad day for me when I leave. My uncomfortable comfort zone, the only organisation I ever knew since I shuffled out of uni, my hand print on the wall proclaiming my 5 years here, almost every nook and corner I have stepped in, almost every “secret” that outside people doesn’t know, the directors whom have been very kind to me (because I don’t report directly to them so we don’t give each other any grief!)…

But back to the spead of the news, I'm suitably impressed and bewildered. My staff mentioned about the time when my colleague left for a month holiday, rumours going around the factory staff was that she eloped! And these are people whom we hardly have contact with too!

I wonder where these news/rumours leak from.

My Say!

Oh Joy! I just got a letter from Citibank regarding my recent contact with them with regards to my problem. It's a Customer Satisfaction Survey! They're asking me how satisfied I was with the service provided.

Gonna print out my blog and add more stuff into it. Not like I'm hoping they'd woo me back to be their customer again - I solemnly swear I will NEVER be a Citibank customer again and will continue to encourage others not to be either.

Cat and Rat

Greeting us at the front door this morning was a very hungry Charles. Mating season's over, I guess, so now he's decided to adopt us again, plus the fact that he's starving too.

So we give him his usual handfuls of cat food and went about preparing to leave the house to go to work. Just then, KS discovered my rat trap had caught our recent Mr Rat who has been terrorizing our kitchen for the past week. I took the trap out to place it in the garden where the heat would eventually kill it.

Wow, the moment Charles saw the rat, he got super excited, crouching in preparation for a pounce and jumped at the cage. He was all over the trap, pawing it from every angle while the rat squealed in fear. Obviously the cat wouldn't have been able to claw the rat in any way so I wanted to leave them there but KS was so upset and made me take the trap to the back of the house, away from the cat.

Charles gave a loud pitiful wail as he saw me carrying it back into the house. His 5 minute toy. Oh well, if the rat survives today, I'll see how things go tomorrow although I don't desire feeding him with a rat.