Monday, July 27, 2009

We Mourn

Yasmin Ahmad. Died exactly one month after Michael Jackson, one year older than him, both with heart failures. While he was famous worldwide, Yasmin herself carved a name as one of the most critically acclaimed directors in Malaysia.

Her work has been enjoyed by Malaysians and Singaporeans. She directed advertisements that made us laugh, made us cry. Her movies daringly made some Malaysians cringe by the deliberate display of the Malaysian race differences and the realistic manner in which we live it.

Here are some of her works, of which I'm also discovering via YouTube:

I love this one:

And just discovered a second part to it:

For Singaporean Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports:

And of course, she also directed the AirAsia ad which I had to watch several hundred times in order to enter the U2 contest.

It is so sad that we never truly appreciate what we have until it's too late. She worked in the same building as KS who would ocassionally see her smoking in the car park or in the canteen. She collapsed while in a discussion with a local TV station.

Malaysians mourn her loss.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What's Happening to Malaysia?

This was the question that is playing on most of Malaysian minds last week. The death of a witness Teoh Beng Hock who was being questioned by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission seemed like a mafia movie script. The facts don't lie, he was going to get married the next day, he was just a witness for an investigation but the interrogated him until past 3 a.m. and then shortly after that, his body was found sprawled on the 5th floor in an apparent jump from the top of the building.

It won't be a surprise if no one was found guilty. Again, it will be just another string of suspicious deaths linked to top people in the country, swept under the carpet and never questioned again.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In Exactly One Month's Time...

... we'll be in London, sitting (yes, sitting!) in Wembly Stadium and waiting for U2 concert to begin! Apparently the tickets are mid range sitting seats. Sigh. I'm still pinching myself.

Also showing in London are the many theatre shows, one of it is Thriller. Since MJ was second on my list of "Concerts to Watch" right after U2 and since there will never be another MJ concert, this could be the next best thing.

Besides planning for London, I've been attempting to learn a few French words. Unfortunately, I forget them the very second I hear them. What the heck is the difference between "elle" and "elles" in pronunciation?? I am SO going to butcher their language!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Joys Of Holiday Planning

For the past week, I have immersed myself with things to do in Paris (KS is in charge of London). Despite being slightly stressed over decisions like Museum pass, is it possible to visit 3 places in one day, what about walking tours, it has been fun! I like packing our holidays with things to see and do, so planning is vital.

The planning has become an adventure on its own and has become somewhat a social thing for us, unlike our other trips. Apart from planning this alone, it's really funny that almost all of our friends would have a suggestion on where to go, especially London. It's even funnier when the person making those suggestions has never even been there and says, "You really need to go to this place because I heard it is nice!"

Ron has been even more excited that we are about our trip and has helped with so many recommendations - thanks Ron! Friends get excited and wistful when they reminisce their holiday/stay in London/Paris when we tell them that we're going soon. Reading material has poured in and they've been excellent sources of information. We even had a friend who took time out from his busy schedule to help us plan our London trip over dinner - with photos of what we will see!

I appreciate that we are surrounded by great friends and it's surprising to learn that quite a lot of people we know have lived in London at some point.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

They SAY They're Serious...

KS and I have been home since Tuesday because of A(H1N1) suspicion. On Monday, KS came down with a sudden flu complete with fever. He went to the normal clinic and got his medicine. I took Tuesday off just in case and in the afternoon, his colleague who sits in front of him became a confirmed case.

My CEO gave me 3 days off while we await the test results to see if KS is positive. However, it's been 3 days now and no phone call to tell us yes or no. At first, we were told the results will take 24 hours. After one day and having not received any calls, I called the Ministry of Health's hotline to enquire.

"Oh sorry Miss. We ask for your patience as there are many cases. Please wait 48 hours"

Forty eight hours later, still no news. My three days grace leave expires today.
I called again.

"You shouldn't be in quarantine! Go back to work! If your husband is a confirmed case, only then we will track you down."

And again, the excuse they gave was a backlog of many cases for the delay of the results.

Oh, by the time they actually decide to call us, I'd have infected my entire office if I do go back. If this is a damn pandemic and a serious one as the Ministry is claiming, then why aren't resources allocated to sort out the results quickly? We have been patient, sitting at home, food delivered to us or a quickly packed meal from outside but now our patience is wearing thin.

Tomorrow I have to take my own leave just to be absolutely sure it doesn't spread to my office.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bizarre Japanese Toys

I have just "discovered" Twitter and have found several interesting stuff with the folks I follow. Can't help but to share this one on crazy Japanese toys from #engrishdotcom. Check this out:

An Obama action figure! Complete with Katana! I've seen plenty of photos on Obama. This is certainly not one image I had of him until now.

Toilet training tiger! Complete with fake poo and sounds that encourages you when you go. Perfect family toy.

Robotic cockroaches anyone? This is probably good to train me to stop fearing roaches. If only live ones came in colours, didn't have hairy legs, didn't stink, didn't look so geli... aaah, if only they became extinct!

Gosh! Where can I get them?


Wait wait! There's more Obama stuff! Obama sushi! What's with the Japanese and Obama obsession?