Sunday, October 20, 2013

Upcoming Trips!

Usually at the end of the year, I try to organize a family trip to somewhere nearby. This year, our trip would be to Yogyakarta to see Borobudur. This is happening in mid December. Air tickets are booked, hotels secured and now slowly planning for the entire trip with some requests thrown in - like Ron asking for some time to rest rather than my usual style of Go Go Go!

However, there could be some hiccups to this trip, which we will only know in about a month. Cross fingers, everything will be okay and we'd be able to go as a whole family as planned.

Then, throwing in a surprise break during the Deepavali weekend, KS and I are going to Hong Kong. Yup. How this all happened was because I spoke to my colleague who has gone to several places like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and even London during an extended weekend with a public holiday. He simply said, "If you plan in advance, like a year ahead, you'd be able to get really cheap flights and just go to a different country over these long weekends".

It did make sense so I started scouting for cheap flights from KL to the nearby cities and found really cheap flights to Jakarta during that Deepavali weekend. When KS picked me up from work that day, I shared with him excitedly about this new concept. He just went, "Okaaay...".

By the next morning, he decided we should go HK because his friend who's working there has offered to take us around and also graciously extended a room for us to stay with him. Bless him! So next thing I knew, I had my flights booked and we're going very soon!

Now to remember the details of our last trip to HK.