Monday, October 27, 2008

Why People Keep Dogs...

In the news, there was this man in Johor who was being robbed and attacked at a shoplot. The victim's dog came to his rescue and landed the robber in the hospital. The robber subsequently died of the injuries.

Now the dog owner (or the original victim) is being taken in for questioning. I hope the family keeps the dog away from the authorities and reward him handsomely.

Lumix LZ8

I was recently offered to buy the Panasonic Lumix LZ8 for a steal so I went to check it out. After all, I wouldn't mind having a second camera in the event that I don't want to be carrying my bulky prosumer. It boasts of wide angle lens, 5x digital zoom, large LCD screen, uses AA rechargeable batteries, easy grip (can't stand those ultra slim cameras that always slip from your grip) amongst others.

Another reason for getting it was because Dad was starting to look at the Olympus FE320, which I somehow don't quite like because it doesn't share the same memory card (more hassle in transferring the shots because of my card reader) plus I've seen some photos taken with that camera and it looks too.. exposed. Gosh, am I starting to become so picky?

Anyway, bundled together with the camera was a free 2G SD card, free tripod and a 3 year warranty. I was extremely tempted. I have a 4G SD card and several 2-1G cards lying around but heck, I'm drawn to freebies!

However, the 8MP camera with Leica lens just somehow couldn't impress me enough to part with just RM399. I took several shots but they all appeared blur and the quality of the photo left much to be desired for. Of course, with a flash it looked okay but I usually avoid using a flash unless necessary for taking photos.

Plus, it didn't have Indoor nor Plants options, which are the two Dad and I use most. So in the end, I came back to do more research on the camera and there were quite a lot of negative comments about it. Sure, the wide angle lens was a great feature but what's the use of that when the photos turn out terrible?

Ah well, I just saved myself some cash.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Remember my blacked toe nail? Apparently if you have a toe nail like that, it would be best to go see a doctor to ask for some drops to keep the area between the nail and flesh clean.

I went to repaint my toe nails and to my horror, the pedicurist exclaimed loudly, "Her nail has fungus!" I wanted to recoil my feet and hide it under a towel at that but the ladies at the saloon immediately introduced me to some drips they had for such cases.

So now, it looks much cleaner than it initially was. Haven't been able to scrape the last bits of the black part. I hope the drips work as I have to do this daily!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Record Breaking

Stayed back late last night at the office. 11:30pm. My personal record and the company’s record too. Not that I’m proud to be associated with the title. The news spread like wildfire even though I only told one other person aside from my boss (who later gave concessions on my errors due to my feat!).

It’s been a busy week, the kind that time flies so much so that you have to get a phone call to remind you that it’s lunch when you still haven’t had your breakfast. But luckily for me, it’s not like Jan’s “busy-at-work” definition, that you even stop yourself from taking a dump! I still do go to the loo, don’t worry.

My colleagues are really nice as I’m getting to know them. One of them is a fresh grad and is really enthusiastic and positive, whom I’m really motivated by. Great kid! Another looks like a demure gal but does stuff like paintballing, plays sports basically is an outgoing person.

This weekend is a long weekend due to Deepavali on Monday. Although I was prepared to be mentally thinking about work as per last weekend, my boss refused to update us on his last meeting, insisting we go back and have a restful weekend. I’m also getting to know my boss better and I’m happy the way things are going.

So… what I am still doing here? Today is my turn to wait for KS. And it’s already 9pm. Sheesh.

So while I wait, let me just share more about my office. My office has central air-cond and it is set at freezing temperatures. At first I was worried about what the dress code would be, being in an Islamic bank and all. After all, I just acquired some skirts from Bangkok and was starting to wear them more often back in my old office. But now, I don’t have to worry because I have to totally cover myself up or risk freezing! Dang. I should have bought the autumn/winter dresses from Hong Kong.

Speaking of being covered up, today at lunch, I guided a tourist from Argentina to a money changer. Along the way, I spoke to him and asked if he enjoyed our warm weather. He looked at my dressing and said, “It IS very hot here but you’re dressed in so many layers!”

All in all, I’m stressed out but happy and motivated. There are a lot of things I’m going to be learning!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Learning Curve

After so long of not being absolutely stressed out on work, I'm now in the thick of many happenings at my new workplace. I'm starting to leave work late and I think I'm developing stomach ulcers from stress! And it's only been one week. :)

But! I AM enjoying myself learning new things, getting to know how to deal with my new boss, finding the right clique with my colleagues. The challenge is fun although I remain sceptical on deadlines given. What I need most is belief from my boss to make the impossible possible. It's been done before and I believe it can be done again.

To pluck a favourite chant of an ex-work partner, Jia Yu!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Few Days

Things are very exciting at my new workplace. I'm not doing what I was brought in to do! Which is good, as I am learning a lot more than what I have been familiar with for the last 3 years.

Okay, will not talk much about work itself but I MUST say this:
1. I do not have access to Gmail
2. All pictures are banned from the internet (meaning, if you have a photo on your blog, I can't see it)
3. Internet connection is slow
4. I can't change my Wallpaper
5. My mouse has no scroller
6. At least I can open blogs
7. I have to go buy my own wastepaper basket

Just the few quirky things I've observed so far lah. If you know me well enough, I don't have to explain what No.1 to No. 5 means to me. I'm getting my new computer tomorrow so that will hopefully remove offensive mouse.

Another thing that has just dawned upon me is that, I am now in higher management level and I need to learn how to treat the fresh grads and younger staff properly. More learning.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ron & The Balcony

I seem to have too many Stories of my Sister but I also do have a story of my brother. Ron actually jumped from our balcony not once, but twice. Yes.

The first time, he said it was because he observed a tall neighbour lounging on his balcony. When his friend came by, he easily leapt down as the balcony wasn't very high. So Ron though he could do the same and jumped. Said his legs hurt when he landed.

The second time was to use the open umbrella cartoon concept. Of course, the umbrella turned upside down and down he went.

He's still in one piece and didn't experience any broken bones from the said stunts.

Oh, another one about the balcony was either Ron or Grace who threw their mountain chickens, trying to make them fly. After several attempts, the chicken died of a heart attack.

Grace & The Hot Iron

As part of their bedtime storytelling, James and Cameron asked me to tell them Stories of my Sister. I tried to remember as many as I could and they thoroughly enjoyed the stories.

One that I realise I haven't blogged but often tell people is when Grace forced me to touch a still hot iron. At that time, I was about 4-5 years old in our first house in Alor Star. Our maid had just finished ironing and left the iron on the ironing table. Grace asked me to touch it, right in the center. Knowing it was hot, I refused.

She then proceeded to trick me by placing her finger in front of the hot surface without touching it, but from where I was, it looked as though she was touching it. Curious, I took a step forward with my left index finger outstretched.

As I got nearer, I could feel the heat and was about to pull my hand back. In a flash, Grace grasped my hand and pressed my finger onto the iron. As I screamed in pain, she picked up a pillow nearby and stuffed my mouth to shut out the noise. My dad found out later and gave her a good caning.

I still bear the mark on my left index finger to this day.

My First Ben & Jerry's

Today I dragged Monster out for dinner and forced her to share with me my first tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Ever since she described the mouthwatering ice cream with its funky names, I've always been curious to know what it tasted like.

Plus, I've always watched people on tv series or movies who'd settle on their couch with an entire tub of ice cream. Ice cream tub = comfort. And me, being an ice cream girl, needed to fulfil this experience and tick it under my "things to do before I regret having never done".

I choose New York Super Fudge Chunk and we settled down on a bench facing the pork section of the supermarket. This tub contains Chocolate Ice Cream with White & Dark Fudge Chunks, Pecans, Walnuts & Fudge Covered Almonds.

While I love the fudge chunks and nuts, the chocolate ice cream was a little overwhelming. After several mouthfuls, it became a little bit jelak so I had to bring back three quarters of the tub. And now, several hours after consuming it, am having a slight sore throat because of it. Uh oh... But this isn't going to deter me. I'll try Chunky Monkey or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Any suggestions from those who have tried Ben & Jerry's?


Now that I've polished off the rest of the tub, I take my earlier comments back. It's yummy! But I'd still like to try another flavour next time.

Train Review

Since it is the first time I travelled via train for long distance, I thought I'd share with you a little about travelling on the KTM.

One of the first things I noticed was the strange arrival times of the train. Our train was the last one and was scheduled to arrive at 11:08pm. Yes, not 11:00pm or 11:15pm. And did it arrive at 11:08pm? Of course not. Both times, the train was late.
Here's a picture of the sleeping berth. It's as narrow as the pillow provided so all your bags will have to somehow fit at your feet unless you'd rather have them lying on the floor blocking the gangway.

I slept on the upper berth and here's the ladder that is shared between two berths. As you can also see, there are curtains to create privacy in your small little space.

Going to and fro, we had the exact same berth numbers. Mine was 37 on the L3 carriage. Not really recommended as it is beside the door leading to the toilet, hence, high traffic. We had all sorts of smells coming from the entrace, people smoking and urea.

All in all, it was quite fun for the first time. Not sure if I'd do it again though.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Accidental Shopping

I'm here in Singapore to spend time with my sister and her family just before I start my new job. Wasn't planning to do any shopping since the exchange rates are horrendous. And what happens? I happened to follow my sis and Mum to Suntec City.

Even before we reached our destination, Mum and I already bought some clothes from our favourite outlet, Hang Ten. I really have no idea why we always end up buying Hang Ten clothes in Singapore. Must be Mum, really.

As we walked towards Suntec, I nearly bought more clothes but managed to convert and ask myself if I would really buy that top in Ringgit. Proud that I managed to resist, I turned a corner and there, laying in wait for me was Daniel Yam's shop. Now, it has been my aspiration for almost 5 years now to own a Daniel Yam.

Daniel Yam is a Singaporean designer who once had a few of his clothes in Metrojaya Mid Valley. I loved his clothes back then and even when I was looking for my wedding dress, I tried and tried to find something that was suitable.

Unfortunately, I felt it was a bit too pricey at that point. By the time my spending levels had increased enough to allow me to splurge, his line was taken off from Metrojaya and I could not find any of his shops in Singapore.

With absolute determination this time, I stepped in and picked up just two dresses which would be appropriate to attend weddings. I must say the designs are old (he doesn't seem to have designed anything new lately and his website hasn't been updated since '01!) but what I love about his clothes is that they are "expandable" - meaning, my stomach can bloat or my hips expand and yet it will still fit because of its biased cut and lovely material.

So I made a hasty purchase. Now I'm feeling the guilt wash over me. Dang! I'd better go to someone's wedding or some dinner and wear this several times just to justify my purchase. Quick! Anyone! Get married and invite me!

Went into Muji too but somehow didn't feel the magic we felt in HK so we came out empty handed.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Yellow Fellow

Guess who I have here?

Isn't he adorable?? He even has an Elvis curl at the top of his head and he squeaks! Only thing is, I don't have a bathtub anywhere. Oh well, this is gonna be a ducky that lives on land.

And courtesy of someone (I think it's Monster or Matt who used to sing this song which comes to mind when I see the rubber ducky...), here's a trip down memory lane:

Mamma Mia!

Couple of weeks ago, KS suggested we go watch Mamma Mia. Since this is highly unusual, I accepted the offer with apprehension. When we were waiting in line to go into the cinema, there were plenty of "aunties" waiting with us.

"You know I'm doing this for you, right? This is called sacrificial love. Agape love. You know? It's the same level as me standing in front of an oncoming vehicle to protect you"

After a lot of eye rolling, we got in. And who was the one who laughed the loudest throughout the movie?

Anyway, after watching and enjoying the movie, I just went and bought the tickets to the musical for 1 Jan 09. The ticket counter opened yesterday but yet most of the seats were gone! Mum and Dad wanted to skimp on the tickets but heck, we only watch musicals once a while so I'd rather pay a bit more and have a better view, don't you think?

Train to Singapore

Tonight, I'm taking the train to Singapore with my parents. The only other time I sat a train was from JB to Singapore, when I was still schooling. This train will take 12 hours (OMG! What on earth will I do?) and I'm taking the same train back on Sunday night.

Sigh. I've loaded my phone with 3 sermons of about 30 over mins each. Still... 12 hours!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Camerons - After 2 Decades

So I was in Camerons over the weekend, two decades since I last visited it. This time around, we were there for the Youth Ministry planning so while KS and the rest toiled away at brainstorming, I happily kept myself occupied by reading, watching tv, writing, playing with Pastor's kids and eating.

We stayed at the OMF cottage (more like a mansion!). It comfortably fitted over 25 of us and we were given the best room.

This is the view outside one of our windows. Unfortunately I don't know what building this is but it looked pretty.

Some photos of the OMF building. So many gorgeous flowers too.
On the way down, we stopped by a strawberry farm and bought, well, strawberries and jam and vege (the kind I eat). Very cheap, of course.

And while we were there, we had a lovely waffles drenched in strawberry sauce and topped with ice cream. Yummy!

We took the old road back to KL and it was a really bad decision because the roads were so windy, someone threw up in the car. I was fortunate to be in the front seat so it wasn't so bad for me. Still, if we ever were to go back, I'd recommend to take the new road, even if it means it's further.

So Little Time!

I'm just back from Camerons (and I'm glad to say I didn't puke on the way down as I did 2 decades ago). And now I just realised that I don't have that much time to do all that I planned to do during my 2 weeks break in between jobs!

Plus, I'm not feeling really well which would be a good enough reason for Grace to ban me from seeing the kids. Hmmm... I know Grace will kill me if I don't make it to Singapore this week. But I'm certainly coming in Nov when U23D hits the theatres!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

New Job Nightmares

The last time I left my first job, I had a nightmare just 2 days after starting at my new workplace. I dreamed I had returned to my old workplace, saying hello to familiar faces who were wondering what on earth I was doing back there. And I only realised I was in the wrong office at the end of the day, and by then, I knew my new boss had fired me for not reporting in that day.

This time around, I have only resigned for 2 full days, not even started my new work and I've had THREE nightmares. First two woke me at 6:45am and I couldn't go back to sleep thereafter.

First nightmare was on the night I resigned, was that I received a call from my new boss who asked me strange questions like, "What product did you handle?". I told him then queried why he is asking me now and since everything is already on my CV. In panic, I heard him say over the phone that they actually don't want to hire me anymore! I screamed over the phone that I've already resigned and that I don't care, I've already signed their offer letter, so they are legally bound by it!

The second nightmare was that I met up with my old colleagues for lunch. And at the table, I asked them how the co-brand partner was doing. Immediately they shut up and refused to say a word. And the reason for that was because I had become the competitor so they are not to even reveal if Mr Lim is fine or not. I got so upset, I left the lunch table at once, feeling like an outcast.

And now at my afternoon nap, I just dreamed that my new role was actually taking care of a bowling alley which my new bank has for their customers to use. And I knew that I had to work late and weekend, when most customers would make use of the bowling alley. Plus, the bowling alley was located about 1 km away so I had a dilemma whether to drive there or walk there every day. I panicked and wanted to ask my new boss what exactly is my new role there is. Plus, at the same time, I thought I'd better call my friends to see if they have another job available for me to switch to in case it really is looking after the bowling alley!

Oh my gawd! Can't I sleep in peace?! What's wrong with me??