Saturday, May 31, 2008

Auditor Encounter

On Thursday, I had Murphy's Law dog my every step at work. What could go wrong, went wrong. What was lying in wait for me months ago, sprung up on that very day. Expletives flowed and I was so stressed up I developed ulcers in my mouth, one on my tongue (which makes it hell trying to eat or drink).

Anyway, the thing that capped it all was that I actually went to ask an internal auditor to audit part of my work. Now, that sounds like just the thing to make life miserable but I must say, I have never encountered an auditor breathing down my neck. I just wanted to make sure that when I selected a winner, no one would say it was because I was biased.

Now I understand why people despise auditors! He asked every single thing he could think of, to the point that I felt whatever I did was wrong. It was ridiculous! In the end, I even threw him back a ridiculous question that could I trust him if I sent him information via the email!

Even on the way home, we encountered traffic lights which turned amber just as we were about to reach them. I went back to change out of my totally black outfit for the day before going out for dinner that night.

But the day wasn't over. I wanted to rant via my blog and the home computer couldn't connect to the internet. Then on Friday, I wanted to blog in the office, and the darn office internet wasn't working either. Waaaaaa!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Skype Newbie

We installed Skype so that we can call Grace and Ron cheaply over the internet. Not knowing the full hardware requirements, I went to Digital Mall here in PJ and purchased a rather expensive Skype phone.

Unfortunately, it didn't fully work as only the microphone was working so I went to return it and was told it would take two weeks. Then, later I spotted an RM8 microphone and you know what, I can still Skype with this cheap microphone.

Stupid Skype phone cost me RM58. Anyone wants a Skype phone?

Anyway, Ron, download Skype so we can chat. It's registered under Dad's name.

Next, to install the webcam. This is so embarrassing for a nerd when I'm supposed to know basic stuff like these.

Was in a meeting one day and got a little bored. Stepped out for a breath of fresh air and saw two rainbows. The second one is not very clear.

And my phone camera seems to be rather grainy. Need to have it cleaned.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Keeping Up With The Joneses

I've never been much of a fan of fashion designer stuff. The most I'd spend on is an Espirit handbag and that brand isn't even considered designer.

Recently though, I've switched to a new portfolio at work which requires me to have meetings at my head office. My office has a very casual dress code and I don't often wear pressed shirts unless I really feel like it. My colleagues at the head office though, dress really well and I feel like some kampung girl each time I go there. I'm now trying to wear shirts when I know I have meetings there.

The the other day, someone brought us out for lunch and everyone brought their handbags with them. From the looks of them, they looked like designer stuff. Why? Because there was one which had a padlock (yes, you read that right) larger than the one hanging on my gate as part of it's design! It wasn't even used to, you know, lock the bag. It was just hanging there. Now, I reckon, unless this bag is super expensive and it's supposed to make a fashion statement, no one would really carry, let alone buy a handbag with a giant padlock on it.

Suddenly, my poor Rootote looked like some bag you'd carry to a pasar malam and I tried to hide it as much as I could. Oh dear. Now I'm suddenly trying to get interested in Coach bags but I still can't imagine spending a month's salary on one darn handbag. Yes I know Coach bags are the lower end of the high end designer stuff but in Malaysia, the tax really makes them pretty expensive, to me at least (and it also tells you roughly how much earning power we have here, or rather, how pathetic my pay is).

You Can't Run

Have you ever tried being cut away from the news just for one day? It’s not so easy as I have found out recently.

I’ve been following American Idol quite closely this season and because I don’t have pay TV, I was unable to see the finals live. And the results came out immediately on the internet. So, not wanting to spoil things, I tried to keep myself out of everyone’s chatter and not go on the internet.

Alas, the news still managed to infiltrate my efforts and I knew who won. Without watching the final episode. It was so potong stim, watching the finals later, like when I knew Bruce Willis was dead throughout Sixth Sense.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Health Status

Just to update that I'm now feeling fine, no more rash, sore throat is almost gone (althought I did test it yesterday with a bit of chocolate - verdict: no chocolate for now) but my lymph nodes are still as swollen. Haven't decided if I want to go back for a follow up (supposed to be today) and a blood test as there isn't medication for viral infections, which is what I'm supposed to be having.

One Hotel I'd Like To Stay

Have you heard?! The house that was featured in Sound of Music is going to be transformed into a hotel! Yes! The one which was featured in the film! Which means, one day, I can actually go to the house and see the gorgeous ballroom, the front door with the two stairways on each side, the backyard which leads to the river...

After watching it for 248 times in my lifetime so far (this is where KS will roll his eyes. He's only seen it once when I forced him to and he said it was the most painful experience ever. It's my negotiating tool now), I do believe SOME fans like me would love to reminisce each scene at the actual site.

A "Good" Number

I just HAD to blog about this. Recently, an aunt came to stay with my parents here in the new PJ house and as a house warming gift, she asked my Mum what she wanted. Mum immediately asked for some dessert plates from Corelle as she is in the midst of collecting a set with the same pattern.

Despite several verbal descriptions of the design ("I'm collecting the design with only purple flowers, no other colour is present"), my poor aunt managed to get it wrong.

But that's not the highlight of this story. Guess how many plates she got? Now, if you have ever bought plates, cutlery or even place mats, you'd go with say, 4, 6, 8 or up to 12. Basically you'd get even numbers right? Bless my aunt, she bought seven.

And when Mum asked her why on earth that number, her reply was, "It's a good Christian number waat..."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Computer

My parents brought back the free computer Grace got from Singtel and I'm so happy to be using it! The OS is Vista and it comes with a flat screen. It certainly is an upgrade from Jan's old laptop which required about 5 minutes just to load up.

Anyway, when I heard about the new toy back home while I was still in hospital, I actually dreamt that my office installed the same hardware and software for all of us! What wishful thinking! My colleague told me to continue dreaming lah.

Oh well, despite not having any sound and that everything on the screen is stretched, I think I'm going to be a very happy patient surfing the net on this new toy. Other than that, I'm getting acquainted with Astro and all it's channels.

And Monster, the white stuff is disappearing and I don't have my camera with me. So it looks like I can't gross you out.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


After 6 nights in the hospital, I'm out. The results: Not dengue, not really typhoid, tonsils improving (but I have this geli white stuff stuck at the back of my throat now), rashes for 3 days so far, fever off and on, white blood cells still high (which means it's still fighting something) but other than that, the doctors have no clue what's been bugging me. I also look like a junkie with so many needle points all over my arm.

So I'm now home with the week off to monitor my condition. Wish I could take the photo of the white stuff at the back of my throat and show you!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Not Dengue

My blood test is normal. Phew.

So, I'm off to the hospital today to get a barrage of other checks on why I am still having a mild fever for 6-7 days now.

Mixed feelings about hospitals. The last time I was admited was in early 2000s when I removed a breast lump. That also I didn't stay a night but went home. The last time I stayed over in a hospital was when I was 16, with an embarrassing case of pulpitations.

So, I'll see if I am required to stay overnight at the hospital and will certainly blog about this. Later.

Monday, May 05, 2008

So Drama

I've had KS aunties from Ipoh right down to Perth asking about my well-being, which is really sweet of them. Suddenly the phone lines are buzzing from one aunt to my mum-in-law or sis-in-law who then updates everyone in the network. They certainly don't need facebook!

I'm not used to this and certainly don't expect my own family to do this. I only updated my parents last night, that I had blood taken for test and this morning Dad texted me to ask when will I know the results (this afternoon). They're in Singapore looking after the two boys.

Anyway, despite having many denggi symptoms over the last 4 days, fever, chills, purging, joint aches, I am now not worried as I feel so much better today. Will keep you guys informed. But if it's not denggi, what the heck can it be? *$%#*!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Supposed To Be...

Right now, KS and I are supposed to be in Bangkok. We're supposed to be preparing to go to watch the famous caberet show by beautiful women who are actually men. We're supposed to be aching from our entire day of shopping at Cha Tu Chak.

I'm now in my parent's PJ house. Why? Because I came down with a high fever the day we were supposed to leave. I was extremely tempted to just go anyway and then hopefully when I recover, we'd still have 3-4 days worth of Bangkok.

In a way, I'm glad we didn't go as I'm still feeling under the weather. And lethargic. Can't imagine trying to walk the entire length of Cha Tu Chak. KS has been an awful sport about it, catering to my every whim. I just hope I recover soon. It's horrible being ill. Plus I seem to be getting ill a lot more frequently this year. :(