Sunday, July 29, 2007


This week, we're staying in PJ again. Since it's the rainy season, the traffic will take a good 1.5 hours which we aren't prepared to face on a daily basis.

So, it's another week of living out of a bag. Then this weekend, we're heading to Kota Kinabalu. Yay!


Just got back from Bukit Tinggi. Didn't realise how affected I'd be from the cell multiplication. Kept looking at those whom I would not meet on a regular basis anymore and just feel really sad.

Anyways, we stayed at Gracehill Orchard Lodge and despite the horrible road which led into it, the place turned out to be a surprisingly good place. Fantastic for a group outing with dorms and plenty of places to meet. Not to forget, an "initiating" pool, with a 10 feet high deck for jumping off into an 8 feet deep pool filled with river water. At first it looked okay, but as soon as I was about to make the jump, the darn thing looked pretty scary. But hey, carpe diem right? Water up my nose was just part of the parcel.

Starting this week, we will be meeting separately. :(

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bits N Pieces

Stayed in PJ almost the whole week and was always punctual to work! Great stuff. Need to do this more often. Only thing is, extremely slow internet connection in PJ and a starving Ang Ku to come back to.

Jimmy Choo finally opens its first store in KL. I'd probably plaster myself on the window just to see what the big fuss is about. An entire month's pay for a pair of shoes? I am quite certain I'll not be owning one in the near future.

A chance to donate blood. KS has an ex-colleague who's mother needs 12 bags of blood. Donation hours are from today, 9am - 5pm and Monday 9am - 6pm. Today, we're going up to Bukit Tinggi for our cell multiplication so I can't go. And Monday is a working day. Maybe next time. When I shed the chicken shit feeling of donating blood too.

Been working late every night for the past 2 weeks (or has it been 3? I've lost track). Not fun. Tried doing work at home until 2am but found my brain ticking despite my body screaming in tiredness as I tried to sleep after that. Never again. Can't imagine how other people (ahem, KS) work at this pace.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Specs

I'm about to bid goodbye to my black plastic rimmed spectacles. Tomorrow, my new frames, selected by Tony of Bishan, Singapore, will make it's appearance at work.

Tony is this guy who owns a specs shop in Bishan and he has a knack of selecting the right frames according to your face. The fact that he knows his stock and that he is able to make good recommendations made us go to him to buy the frames. Plus, his frames lean more towards the funky.

In Malaysia, most stores will not make any recommendation and would rather leave you to decide on your own. Most of the time, we aren't able to make good decisions for the lack of knowledge of the choices available or what really suits our faces.

So when this guy started pulling out frame after frame which really complemented my face shape, I was more than happy to fork out extra for his service. Wore it to a gathering tonight and got positive feedback already.

So far, Grace, Ron, Jan and myself have gotten our frames from him this year. Now Mum is also interested in going to see him for his recommendation.


Just got back from a 1st Birthday party of my CG leader's youngest son. There were so many people there and it was good to catch up with so many friends whom we haven't met in a while. Pastor Daniel and Pastor Chris were there too with their wives so it was one of those rare times being able to speak to them outside of church.

Managed to set up my Dad for a potential tennis gang when he shifts back to PJ, through Pastor Daniel's recommendation of which CG Mum and Dad would feel most comfortable in. We've been trying to get them to attend a CG but Mum's just not ready and prefers a smaller church. Dad is raring to go in DUMC so we'll help him in his transition, with the hope that Mum will also be able to fit in nicely when the time comes.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Today was one of those days where I felt appreciated at work. I went for a meeting which I had been dreading for fear of being questioned by the MD but ended up having my views being listened to and he avoided making much demands.

He insisted on taking us for lunch, made me sit beside him and later called his driver to send me back to the office as my boss had to rush for another meeting. His staff raised eyebrows at the hospitality he extended to me but I'm really thankful and accept it as a gesture of appreciation from him.

And no, he's NOT a dirty old man. I KNOW the type and he is not one.

I guess it's cause I said a quick prayer before leaving the office this morning. Again, reading back my diary, I have been blessed by so many hospitable people in my life and he's one of them.


Actually, what was quite funny was that on the way home, KS tried to show me how "privileged" he was by getting an SMS from AutoBavaria. That he was actually considered part of their target market, as though his social standing was suddenly elevated by this very SMS. Then I shared my story above which kinda burst his bubble a little.

High School Teacher

Just like many other kids in school, my first ambition was to be a school teacher. Mum, being one, dragged that thought out of my mind and stomped on it and if it still twitched, she'd stomp on it again.

So I ended up doing Management Studies majoring in Marketing & Communications due to the lack of exposure as to what is really out there in the job market.

Anyways, I just did my Tickle Test, thanks to my sis who forwarded me "What breed of Dog are you at work?" (I'm a Beagle!) and I found my way into doing a "Right Job/Wrong Job" test. Guess what, the "right job" match for me is a high school teacher.

Oh well, some people in the office already call me school teacher anyway.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Never Been THIS Stressed

For a few days now, I haven't been able to sleep properly (or that I am really tired at the end of the day) plus, I haven't been having an food cravings. Although my stomach is aching from emptiness, I just don't have the mood to eat.

My colleague actually noticed it too since I had only a fistful of rice with some mutton and egg, yet I couldn't finish it. Me, the girl who has the capacity of eating a tai pau and two char siew paus at one sitting, cannot even finish half a plate of rice.

I've been stressed before but never had this effect. Oh well, I only hope I'll lose weight in the process.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Roald Dahl's Treasury

Last week, the Youth Pastor (who married KS and I) and his family came for a visit. I discovered that their eldest loves to read. She's always found with a book and they're usually Enid Blyton's. So, I was thinking of lending her some of mine.

I was hunting the house down for a Five Find Outers and Dog which I bought last year for someone but I couldn't find it.
The only suitable book I have with me is the Roald Dahl's Treasury, which I just bought yesterday at a book sale. Was ready to pass it to her today but luckily this morning, I read through the first few stories.

And there was a poem about an owl being deeply in love with a cat. Something along the lines of "Oh lovely Pussy! Oh Pussy my love!" to "I couldn't make love with a beak up above" and " I wouldn't want kittens with feathers".

My hunt for the Five Find Outers and Dog continues.


I'm still reading through my diary and it has made me contact friends I have not heard from in years! Happened to read a portion about a friend's birthday, Chooi Ming, on the exact same day 7 July so I wished her happy birthday. Then I came to the chapter of my college life and contacted Ming Ling, another friend I haven't heard from in ages.

Now I truly appreciate my recordings of whom I met and the explicit details of what happened when. Because I'm horrible at names and remembering people.
Also, with a diary, you get to keep all sorts of strange things between the pages of the book. But ask me to start one again now.... weeeeeelll... let's just say I prefer typing to writing now.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Harry Potter Video

Laughing my head off...

Still Undecided

My Head vs Heart decision has become more complicated. The person I'm dealing with prides himself with being a good negotiator, and if what he says comes through, then hats off to him really.

So I've got the whole weekend to consider and talk to more people. It's consumed my thoughts and haven't been paying attention to anything else. But oh yeah, I've finally added my flickr badge to the blog. Now to start playing around with it and take more photos.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Head Vs Heart

I absolutely dislike Head vs Heart decisions. I'd rather have them black OR white and not gray, thank you very much. Being tugged at both ends is extremely stressful.

I experienced this about 4 years ago, when I was offered to take up a different position from a communications exec to a direct marketing exec. My colleagues were fantastic, my job was great - flipping through magazines, spending company money, attending and organising events and yet, there was that curiosity that egged me to take the other job. I ended up crying in front of my old boss, much to my embarrassment.

On one end, I needed the extra pay and position was a plus point. On the other, the comfort zone was urgently beckoning me to stay on. I survived the decision and never really looked back with regret.

For my present situation, I guess I just need to convince myself that I will survive this next phase of my life. Let me just sit by my corner and cry and blame it on my PMS.

Autobots, Roll Out!

Was supposed to watch Transformers this Friday but since Harry Potter is out on Thursday, all the THX halls would be showing HP instead of Transformers. And you gotta watch Transformers in an THX at the least.

So what we did was to rush over to Subang and caught the last show with Dad and Jan. I really enjoyed it even though KS didn't. Guess I never was really into the cartoon back then so I don't know each of their characters. But for many characters, there was a lack of depth although most of them had promising possibilities.

I'm glad I finally watched it. Now to sleep.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

How I Pill My Cat

This entry was done when Ang Ku had sore eyes. Pictures aren't very clear though:

Step 1: Lure the unsuspecting feline into the house for food, closing the door behind her.

Step 2: Allow her to finish her meal and make herself comfortable in her favourite corner for a few minutes.
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Step 3: Pick her up and place her in the middle of an available floor mat, with front paws sticking out slightly.
Step 4: Wrap her like a popiah, as tightly as possible, taking special care to ensure her front paws are secure.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Step 5: Carry her as you would to feed a baby. By this time, her eyes will narrow and ears flatten with suspicion.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Step 6: Pull head back slightly with left thumb and middle finger wedged closely to the ends of her mouth.
Step 7: Hold the pill with your right and with your right middle finger, pry open her mouth. Legs will be rigidly stretched, warning meows issued and claws protruding but one has to remain determined.
Step 8: Pop the pill into the back of her throat and shut jaw quickly while stroking throat. Until the tongue flicks out, hold that position or induce swallowing with a water-filled syringe. Another way is to cover the nose for 2 seconds.
Step 9: Release the non-too-happy camper who will bolt through the door to freedom.

Repeat twice daily. And every time she’s happy to be tricked through the first 3 steps.

The Northam

In Penang, I stayed at The Northam. Man... the suite was really huge and this is just a normal room but what bowled me over was the huge jacuzzi tub. I managed to squeeze time in to soak in my first bubble bath, just like on TV! And read a book while at it. Bliss.

When I told my bosses how impressed I was with the room, they glanced at each other pitifully. They've apparently stayed there a few times and been to better hotels. So katak bawah tempurung.

It was a good trip. My usually extremely private boss (who wouldn't even tell me what time his flight to Singapore was when I asked) actually shared some embarrassing stories when I whipped up some "icebreakers" to fill in the silence during the drive home.

My Eric's Misadventures actually drew a lukewarm response for once. Must consider timing and audience the next round.

Friday, July 06, 2007


Okay, so now that the keys have been handed over, I'm gonna finally mention about my parents shifting to PJ. Yes, they will be shifting back to PJ, which means once our house is sold in Alor Star, there isn't any reason for me to go back to Alor Star. Which means, no more fried kuey tiow at the Cowboy Market, no more gazing at the yellowing paddy fields I grew up with... :~(

Anyways, my parents have been bringing as many stuff as they can with each trip to PJ. This trip, they brought me my diary, which I kept since 1991. I was in Form 3 at that time. And I admired this girl in school by the name of Eileen Tan. And I actually called her - several times, to chat with her. In fact, from what I've written, I practically stalked the poor girl! *cringe*

And all my crushes were described shamelessly, being absolutely "perasan" being the main theme in my entries. "I'm sure he was looking at me!" *double cringe*

Absolutely private stuff. And I bet my family has gone through it already. One indication was when Mum told me my diary was still at home: "Do you want me to burn it?"

Okaaaaay, so I may not be the saintliest kid around the block. And there's a bookmark on one of the most revealing pages.

But this is so fun! I have gone through only a few pages but there were many times I laughed out loud because of all the foolish things I was thinking and going through. I wonder if, in years to come, that I'll re-read my blog entries and cringe too!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Living Out of a Bag

Been away in Singapore over the weekend and now just got back from Penang.

Had a great time in Singapore, especially with the two boys. I love them at this stage, where they are playing with each other and when you listen into their conversation, you can really laugh. James was just scolded for doing something wrong and he and Cam had this conversation:

C: God will punish you if you are naughty.

J: Yeah. But he won't scold like how Mummy does.

Long pause.

C: Yeah. He will give you ulcers.

Didn't get too excited about the Great Singapore Sale. After all, I am more familiar with shopping in the Klang Valley than Singapore and when I translate everything back to RM, it doesn't seem worth it. Bought just one top on a whim.

Okay, I will write another day as I'm about to collapse with fatigue.