Friday, July 29, 2005

Big Breasted Swede

(Breaking my record of one worded titles...)

I don't know how many of you out there who's partners have shared such dreams. My dear KS dreamt of a big breasted Swede wearing a bikini top who jumped on his back (while he was lying on the floor on his stomach of course) and had rubbed herself on him. Now, that sounds really kinky but check this out, I then come by and whisper something in her ear and she immediately gets off and exclaims sorry.

Either I'm really wearing the pants in the house or I've just been lied to.


First pet peeve: wallowing in Pity City.

I don't have the patience for people who dwell in Pity City perpetually. Like a cartoon I watched about a grasshopper who didn't gather food for winter, he kept singing "Oh, the world owes me a living" and expects things to go right for him while not taking an effort.

Sure, we all get down on occasion but perpetually? What I wish I could do is to strangle this person until she sees the light at the end of her tunnel and realise there's more to it than just me, myself and I.

Second pet peeve: cutting the business/personal line too thin.

I've just asked one of my colleagues who works in the IT department to buy me a stack of blank CDs the next time he goes to stock up for the company. He refused, saying I wanted it for personal reasons and therefore I should just go get it myself at the supermarket nearby. The price will be "about the same".

He probably thinks I am doing some kind of illegal VCD trade or copying porn with *gasp* company property! And oh, and the extra effort to say "I need extra 20 pieces for a friend" is inappropriate since it is during working hours. Or maybe he's afraid I'm never going to pay him back for that 20 pieces if he used his cash first.

The WORST thing is that he calls himself a Christian. I'm sorry, I can't separate this fact even though I know we all fall short of perfection and that I have my own plank in my eye while I'm staring at his speck.

Monday, July 25, 2005


I made 4 pizza's yesterday! So proud and excited that I now have the ability to try making sausage buns next. I know how to knead!

Two friends came over for dinner and plus Jan, there were 5 of us. We finished one bottle of wine, and finished only 3 pizzas and one bowl of salad. It was nice...

Friday, July 22, 2005


Man... I'm getting so fat I can hardly scratch my own butt!

This is exactly how I feel...

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Silent scream. I'm going through a tough PMS this month. I want to bite someone's head off and then snuggle down with a book to read myself to sleep.

Last night I dreamt I was involved in a murder in a hotel room. Someone had chopped off the head of this guy Paul and I was holding his head in my hands. I then placed the head into a courier bag and wiped the blood off my fingers with some tissue and dumped it in the dustbin. Of course the dustbin immediately became full.

Weeks or a month later, I had great pangs of guilt and turned to my eldest sister (she was also involved somehow) and told her my fears of the CSI team finding my fingerprints all over the bag and the room and connect me to the murder. Surely the cleaning staff would have noticed such a big package stuffed into the dustbin and curiousity would have led to the discovered of the decapitated head.

Panicking, I asked how many years I would get if I were convited. 38 years. I looked in horror at my sister and thought her kids would be really old by the time she came out of prison with me.

Then I went to speak with my pastor and confessed all sin. He was comforting but I can't remember what he said. Somehow, I started thinking about if there was a head, there must have been a body. And that sort of made sense which clicked me to rationalise that the murder didn't actually take place and it was just a dream. All the while still dreaming - dream within a dream. Then I bumped into Paul aka the decapitated and he was very much alive, thank you very much.

With that, I really got up and have since then been feeling like I want to decapitate someone. Maybe verbally. But I think I've learnt enough from CSI to know what not to do.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Last night I went out for a girls nite out with 2 other friends at a hotel buffet dinner. And I had oysters for the first time! Yup, I'm nearly 29 years old, lived in NZ for a period of 2.5 years and never eaten oysters before.

So being totally sua ku, I got specific step by step instructions from my friend as to how to dress the raw creature. Squeeze a few drops of lemon and dab a bit of tabasco and then into your mouth it goes! The flavour burst as I started to chew on it, coating my tastebuds with a sweetness that is not present in other kinds of shellfish. Nice. I won't say I'm crazy over it but I will try it again one day.

I then proceeded to have 2 NZ green mussels. Thinking I'd try the Atkins diet with no carbs, I avoided all rice and stuffed myself with all kinds of meat. Driving home was a torture as I kept burping and knew that given any encouragement, my entire meal would regurgitate in my car.

As at now, almost 24 hours later, I'm still slightly burping and having difficulties in eating too much. I believe I've reached my stomah limit. Unfortunately (or not), my stomach doesn't work like a lion's, whereby it can go without food for a week. Now where's that chocolate bar...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I don't know how I was suddenly reminded of my favourite sitcom of all time - Goodness Gracious Me. We stumbled upon it one Friday night past midnight on Astro and since then, we've always tried to catch it no matter how tired we were (if I'm not mistaken, it was shown at 1am).

Then later, they showed it on national tv and actually sold adspots to Indian spice companies. It was so funny watching these crazy folks talk about Indian culture in a UK environment with a lot of exaggeration and the next thing you have is these Indian companies proudly selling their wares.

Monday, July 18, 2005


I'm a great fan of the Gilmore Girls. I stumbled upon it when one of my colleagues told me about it and I've been making it a point to go home at the screening time and stay glued in front of the tv. This is usually when KS (who was still dating me then) to wave goodbye which I wouldn't see anyway, and go somewhere to spend a solitary night out himself.

So it was a major shock when, out of the blue, my colleague smses me to tell me if I watched it yesterday - 2 hours too late. It's the latest season and I've been dying to know what's happened right after Rory sleeps with Dean and if Lorelai and Luke finally gets together or not. Waaaahhh!


I attended the Evangelistic Conference over the weekend and caught up with a friend E over lunch. He was telling me about how he was nearly mugged back in Seremban 3 weeks ago.

This guy had signalled him to come into a dark alley but E stood where he was and the guy started walking towards him. Giving him the benefit of doubt, E thought he might be asking for directions. Just before he reached him, E saw him signalling to someone else behind E and before he gathered his wits, the man asked him "You kenal itu perempuan ah?" which threw him off since he didn't know what he was referring to. Next instant, the guy punched him on his face and gripped his throat so that E couldn't even utter a single word (the marks are still on his throat and he occasionally experiences pain whenever he swallows hard). E flung back his fist and punched him on his jaw. The guy didn't let go so E kicked real hard and the guy finally let go, giving E the chance to run away. Looking back, he saw that the second guy had not managed to reach them in time otherwise he wouldn't have been able to escape.

Now, the infuriating part is this. E ran off to the nearest police station to make a report and when he described what the assailant has said to him, the policeman flicked him a lazy glance and drawled that E must has disturbed the guy's gal somehow. E kept insisting he didn't know who the girl was and that he works in KL so he couldn't possibly know this "girl". And the policeman briefly made a summary that since E was a lecturer, he could have flirted with the girl a month or two ago in his class "as most lecturers are capable of doing".

E was further infuriated when another policeman stepped in and asked what the case was. The policeman attending to E merely said "Ah, he stepped on someone's toes so he was bashed".

And the last straw was when E asked for an escort to bring him back to his car which was at the crime scene, the policeman laughed at his face and asked him to call his friends to come and take him there!

I can't believe how horrible these policemen are. We run to them for security, to listen to our story and what do they do? Mock us at our faces and put the blame on us without even giving us the benefit of doubt.

Friday, July 15, 2005


Mercedes is smart. They are doing their launch here in my office tonight for their new A series and I just went down to take a peek at the new cars. By the way, now I know how they squeeze cars into impossible looking enclosed spaces ie car showrooms, hotel lounges, shopping malls.

Now, there is a RM1mil car sitting in our showroom and of course it's large and grand. Once people look at that and just go gasping at it and the price tag, they are then ushered into looking at the A series which is going for RM160k. Of course, people's reaction so far has been "Ooh, that's cheap!". Now, if you don't have that comparison, RM160k for a car like that is still pricey since it looks like a larger version of the MyVi (yes, I know I'm committing a cardinal sin by comparing a Merc and a Perodua but forgive my laywoman car knowledge) which is going for approximately RM50k. Or even a Suzuki Swift. (Car lovers, you can stop cringing now. I promise to try to come up with a better comparison next time, if there is one.)

Anyways, at the launch, they will also be having Jac, the first Malaysian Idol, to perform. I'd love to be able to stay back and listen to her live but I can't as I need to rush off for an evangelistic conference. Sigh.


Last night we caught Initial D the movie. Although it's been running for a couple of weeks and it is now free listing (meaning, it's about to end it's run in the cinemas), the hall was packed almost full! We managed to get seats 4 rows from the front at the side. The strange thing is the movie was only shown in TGV cinemas and not GSC. No idea how that happened and since this is obviously a popular show, a lot of revenue must have been lost.

Anyways, back to the movie, the acting of the main character was a bit too wooden but I was told that this is how the cartoon portrayed him anyway. His expression was mainly blank throughout the show but the people surrounding him were excellent. His father, actor Anthony Wong, is my favourite. What a cool dad. And his good friend who insisted he was the "racing god of Mt Akina" and after crashing his car, took his dad's 4 wheel drive to race but was shoved off the tracks. And at the end of it all, the budding love story didn't turn out , which is quite a pleasant surprise. So there was no soppy romantic scenes to spoil the adrenalin packed show.

I loved the racing scenes, since I'm penchant towards speed anyway. The skills of those drivers... wow! The ah-bengism in me emerged and I immediately felt I needed to modify a car and do a bit of drifting. Haha... thank goodness KS drove home. But this morning we still talked about the movie, which is a good indication the movie was not something we immediately forgot after watching like Fantastic 4. Even Batman Begins didn't get such reviews the morning after.

Thursday, July 14, 2005


I hear of so many reports of people successfully getting rid of their unwanted stuff as well as making money on ebay and I have this urge to really get something started. So what's holding me back, one may ask? No self-confidence. Well, not that I don't think I'd be able to sell anything until I've tried it, but I'm so uncertain about signing up with PayPal whom people say they charge a lot, there's a lot of problems getting payments and security issues.

Perhaps if I aired my fears here, I would see that it is just a step of faith that I need to take to get started. I'm sure to make mistakes but that's just what I don't want to do! I want to be able to learn from someone who's already doing it, already selling stuff on ebay who would be able to guide me. And the information on the PayPal website is confusing.


Never subscribe to the Malaysian Women's Weekly, that is my new vow. They've given me so much grief that it's easier for me just to go out and get them from the vendors.

I've had to call them for 3 issues now with regards to late delivery and they never did send me my April one. And now I still have yet to receive my July issue. Usually they would send it about 1 or 2 weeks before the publication month. Grrr...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

2 of the 7 Dwarfs

I'm Sleepy and Grumpy and if there's another - Lazy. Slept in the car on the way to work and had to be woken up, which tells how sleepy I am. Plus the whole day is kinda gloomy out there. PLUS I have just a bit of work to do.

Oh, and not forgetting, I know of 3 people who are about to resign, 2 being my makan buddies. So there. I think I'm entitled to be Grumpy for today.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

7-Legged Spider

I don't know how I managed to forget blogging about this particularly large spider of about 2 inches (in Malaysia, spiders of this variety are normally 1cm including legs) which appeared near the washing machine about a week ago. I was trying to do the laundry when I spotted it on the floor. Blending in amongst the coil of the water pipe, I jerked the pipe to make it move and boy, did it move quickly!

Excitedly, I ran upstairs and grabbed the camera and snapped a poorly lit shot. After showing the photo to KS, he slept with nightmares of giant spiders.

Last night, as I was going to switch on the fan in the dining room, I noticed it's legs protruding from some electrical gadget stuck on the wall. Since KS hadn't seen it the first time, I quickly went upstairs and waited for him to finish his shower.

Pretending to be sweet and wait for him to go downstairs, he became suspicious and asked what I was up to. Of course I noncholantly denied having anything up my sleeve and we proceeded to go downstairs. I got his tea ready and pretended to pop into the kitchen while asking him to switch on the fan. Before I could step out of the kitchen, there was a high-pitched scream and he came running into the kitchen. I missed seeing his face upon his discovery of the creature! He grabbed hold of me and started whacking me for doing this to him. It was so totally worth it!

The poor frightened spider started running all over the place but was eventually vacuumed up as we couldn't kill it with insecticide spray and neither did any of us have the courage to chase it out of the house. So, there it lays, our 7-legged fiend in the vacuum bag in the store room.


And then on to Penang, we had great food - asam laksa with real chunks of fish and beautifully just-right-sweetness ice kacang topped with vanilla ice cream for lunch. Oh, and not forgetting popiah. Man, my mouth it watering just remembering that meal.

We rushed a powerpoint presentation for the wedding and went over to E&O hotel (we stayed in City Bayview which was just opposite E&O) to get everything ready for the wedding since we were helping out.

E&O is a lovely lovely hotel. My friend stayed in their Writer's Suites - Somerset Maugham Suite and it was absolutely beautiful. Spacious with gorgeous furniture and the timber flooring was punctuated with lush persian carpets. The only odd thing was the large screen tv which looked horribly out of place for such an antique setting. I suppose TV manufacturers won't be willing to make a few antique looking large screens to suit E&O's suites!

I'm digressing. The wedding went well. The couple was so in love, they kept holding hands and kissing whenever they could. They had friends come from all over the world to attend their wedding. My friend looked absolutely gorgeous. The gowns that she made looked really really good. And her mum and sis who also made dresses from That Special Occasion and they looked stunning as well.

The wedding cake was delicious - chocolate cake. However, by the time they were served, I was bloated from too much laughing and could hardly eat an entire piece. What regret.

So between Ipoh and Penang, what diet plans I had just flew out of the window. Today my hipsters are tight already. Dang.


Our visit to KS's folks in Ipoh was very short but satisfying. His grandma insisted on waiting for us to reach before partaking her dinner. Her insistance enveloped everyone else in the house so his aunt started calling to see where we were with the frequency according to her hunger.

I had earlier baked a butter cake for them and although I thought it was a disaster since the eggs I bought were NOT fresh at all, they seemed to enjoy it and did not fall convulsing on the floor.

KS's uncle was not feeling well (as to how he got so ill, that's another story but it was due to doctor's negligence) and was in hospital so we dropped by to visit him. He looked so much better than what the rest had described his condition a week ago. So now with his speedy recovery, we hope he will be back soon so that Aunt will not be so stressed out.


I vow to never go back to my hairdresser. Oh, not that their cut is unsatisfactory but they push their products right from the moment they open their mouths. The shampoo girl introduced at least 8 products to counter my oily scalp from shampoo to moisturising spray. She talked and talked about the products at every minute she had with me.

Finally when another lady came to cut my hair, I thought the verbal diarrhoea had ended but NO! The hairstylist had her own sets of products to sell and it was difficult for me to say a complete "No". I ended up paying a slight bit more for a "special shampoo" from the hair-washing girl.

In the meantime, my sis was waiting for me and was attacked upon by the owner of the saloon who tried to sell her an entire set of mask, shampoo etc for just RM399 promotional offer! I'm proud to say my sis has graduated from always believing what people say about hair products (try to sell her any hair product 2 years ago and you would have succeeded even if it were spring water) and refused to succumb.

Now I'll have to search for that ever elusive perfect hair dresser. Any recommendations for a reasonably priced one?

Anyway, right after the experience, I went straight to Mid Valley to pick up some photos and stepped into Sinma. Since I've been trying in vain to put my hair up with a chopstick, I humbly asked the salesgirl to teach me which she gladly did. Guess how my hair's tied up right this very minute? :)

Friday, July 08, 2005


Today is one of the rare days that I drove to work. And it feels really good to be able to determine what time I want to leave and where I want to go after work.

Since I can't fit into anything half decent for my friend's wedding, I'm going to go last minute shopping. Oh joy!


It is indeed a tragic way for London to celebrate their winning the Olympic 2012 bid. The attacks are normally on the trains which I suppose are the busiest places.

Makes me wonder where are we most vulnerable here in Malaysia. I suppose with a large area, our population is not as concentrated as it is in London's subways, to which I am glad for.


Last night reality hit me so hard on my head I couldn't sleep until I thought hard about it and made decisions to change.

It all started like this. I bought a Punjabi looking top from Melaka for my friend's wedding this weekend and thought I'd try it on to just take a better look at it. To my dismay, I noticed the sewing was all wrong which made the design on the left side of the buttons a good inch below the pattern on the right. It looked horribly obvious but yet I didn't notice it when I bought it. Of course I can't wear it to the wedding now that I know it's flaw and would be most self conscious throughout the wedding. To sidetrack a little, I am also worried that I will not be able to get a replacement since I didn't keep the receipt! *smack forehead*

So I frantically started looking for my other dresses and already had my purple cheongsam in mind as a backup plan. I put it on and to my utmost horror, the thing was stretched tight like a vacuum sealed piece of pork! Every bulge was blatant and I could hardly walk without it riding up my fat bum and having to pull it down every few steps!

Now, my wedding was when? A freakin' FOUR months ago. In a mere 4 months, I have ballooned and I've been in denial even though my work pants have already been screaming at their seams! I declare this is the fattest I have ever been and was trying to wrack my brains out as to how this had happened. Running through my lifestyle ever since I got married, I can't pin point it to anything in particular. Most likely it is a combination of many aspects. KS said it's because my metabolism rate has dipped. Yeah, right after I got married.

So today, I'm wearing my Doc Marts to work in hope that I will walk more instead of those usual dainty sandals which usually confines me to my work desk. Tonight, I'm going for a launch of a scuba diving training centre to see if I finally want to do PADI. At the same time, am thinking of checking out the gym in PJ and enrol KS and myself.

I promise to cut down on my food (will only eat when I'm hungry and will cut down on carbs), walk more, take up some form of exercise even if it means going to 1 Utama and walk all over the floor space there. Then there's a potential swimming session at my friend's apartment and games of table tennis. I've GOT to do something. And NOW.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


For the first time, my company is going to allow the staff to set up stall and sell food & drinks for an upcoming Warehouse Sale. At last! Swiftly, an email was sent to confirm taking up 1 booth to sell drinks. I'm tempted to sell my cakes too but I know that will move slowly and the margins will be lesser, plus the amount of time taken to bake it!

Speaking of bake, I'll have to do another butter cake this weekend for KS's folks in Ipoh. Yay! My fingers itch to bake again.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


You know, I'd rather stay at home, curled up with a book than go meet a friend in downtown. When I was in secondary school, I was like that but as soon as my wings spread when I went to college away from home, I changed. One hometown friend had noted how "extroverted" I had become. I was free and loved life to the fullest, surrounded with friends who helped me blossom.

Somehow, somewhere along the way, I started reverting back to my old reclusive ways. Note the use of the word reclusive as opposed to nerd. Yes, I read a lot to the point that KS is starting to demand "full attention" sessions and if I had a computer, I'd be stuck in front of it playing games.

Sometimes when the moon is just right, I have a flash of regret those extroverted days are gone. Perhaps the only way to cure it is to go do something like meet up with long time friends in town. Ha! That's as exciting as I can get these days!


How do you try to change someone who refuses to allow you to change them but yet seeks your help?

Yes, it sounds strange but that is exactly what is happening. If you say you want to overcome something, you don't expect other people to wave their magic wand and change your situation.

Actually, I'm also guilty of doing this. I complain to KS about this particular thing and he tries to give me suggestions as to what to do to overcome it. And what do I do about it? Nothing. Yet the complaining never stops. He's told me to stop bothering him about it until I really really make up my mind to put my thoughts into action.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Last night I met up with my friend (the one who's getting married this weekend) who brought along her entourage of family members and friend. Her friend is from Iran and since this was her first time in Malaysia, I asked her what is her greatest culture shock so far.

"The frequency of eating, you guys eat eat and eat!" What a great way of knowing the culture, I say.

So we brought her to try a slightly more authentic Malaysian food from all the bland wannabes she'd get from the UK. She chose Tom Yam. Since I haven't had it in a long time, I too decided to try it. It was really good and spicy. Her face was flaming by the time she was halfway through!

Then right after the meal, my stomach turned over slightly and there is a lingering pain this morning. Hope she's not suffering.


Brad and Angelina look so good together, I couldn't tear my eyes away from the screen at Mr & Mrs Smith! Jan would have preferred her with Colin Farrell but I like these two and it's great that they're going out now.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Travel Update

In 3 weekends, I would have covered a fair bit of Malaysia. See, 19th June was Father's Day and we spent it in Melaka. Then on 22, we rushed down to JB followed by my company trip to Kuching on 24. As soon as I got back from Kuching on 26, I had to go back to JB for my grandma's funeral.

This weekend, I'll be going to Ipoh on 9 July, then to Penang the next day for my friend's wedding. I don't know when I can actually take leave to go home to Alor Star to help my dad recuperate from his second eye operation.


What with all the travelling I've done, I'm now almost completely broke. My travels do not end as this weekend I will be going to Ipoh then heading off to Penang for a wedding.

Plus, somehow, these few days we've been eating meals that costs an average of RM10 per meal. Not good.

Speaking of broke, I read in the papers of this guy in Aceh who's appealing for donations to rebuild his million dollar mansion which was damaged by the tsunami. He says he is unable to open his businesses (and employ his ex workers) unless he gets his entire family under one roof again. Yeah, like "If you don't donate, these people will be without their jobs". What do you think?