Sunday, August 29, 2010

Down a Rabbit Hole?

I’ve mentioned before that I was interested in getting a hi-fi set for my new place. But after much consideration, I decided I would still be okay living with a stereo since I like to keep most of my music in MP3 format.

However, an opportunity has come for me to buy an amplifier from my Uncle Patrick’s contact at a good price. My uncle is the Malaysian Book of Records holder for having the most CDs in Malaysia and is deep into hi-fi stuff (he has like 3 sets of speakers for different types of music). So when he says this amp is a good one, I trust his word.

Over the weekend, my dad, KS and I tested with various speakers and now I’m very tempted to get the amp. BUT! I am not too happy with the speakers. Or could the poor sound be due to the cables? Or the old CD player we were using?

So let’s say I get the amp. Then I’d need to go search for my perfect speakers, which could be very much affected by the type of cable. And oh, I should get a good CD player because it would be no point to get the whole system with a crappy player.

I liken this to getting a DSLR starter tool kit. It’s cheap but I won’t be happy unless I upgrade into nicer lenses. So what did I do? I stuck to my prosumer point & shoot. I’m still fairly happy with my photos plus it’s not as large as a DSLR. Successfully managed to kill that desire every time I see a sale sign at one of the photo shops.

Is this the same thing? Do I go down a rabbit hole that I know will lead to me striving for that perfection?

Sigh. Maybe if I don’t get the U2 Perth December tickets then it’s a definite yes I’ll get this.

Monday, August 02, 2010

One Year Ago...

Has it already been one year that we were preparing to go London to watch U2? I have a couple of friends who are there in London now and just by looking at their photos, the longing to go back is so deep, it's weird. We only spent 8 days there yet I'm missing London?

Anyway, this year we had planned to go Canada and USA this month. However, with our home renovations coming to its end, we had to postpone the trip. Currently scheduled for October, I am still not sure if we can make it with shifting and settling into our new place coming up this month and next. Absolutely no mood to do research on where to stay in NY, plan our flights, do our travel documents... Plus I'm told October would be cold! Sigh. Thoughts of postponing it further to April next year is running through my mind.

But the stress of renovations, chasing suppliers to meet the proper timing etc is all getting to me. I want a holiday now. NAO.