Friday, April 19, 2013

Malaysia's 13th General Election

Malaysians have been heaving speculating when the next General Election (GE) would be held since November last year. The 5 year mark from the last GE (8 March) came and went, the only other time this has happened was in 1969.

KS and I had planned to go for our Italy holiday in either April or May. We waited for the news but there were no forthcoming announcements. We couldn't wait so we booked our air tickets on 5th May, avoiding as many Saturdays as we could since previous GEs were held on Saturdays.

Finally, when the Prime Minister announced the dissolution of Parliament on 3 April, I eagerly waited for the announcement of the GE date. People speculated it would be at the end of April so I felt somewhat assured I wouldn't miss it. Then the Election Commission took their own sweet time and only announced it a week later. And the date they selected? 5th of May. Our flight is at 1030am, we have to be at the airport by 0830 latest. Polling stations open at 0800. KS votes in Melaka.

Different permutations came into mind:
1. We check in the day before. KS goes back to Melaka to vote as soon as the doors open while I vote in PJ. We both then speed our way separately to the airport to make it for our flight.
2. I vote and grab the ERL which takes 28 minutes to reach the airport while KS checks in earlier.
3. KS votes while I check in earlier.
4. We just don't vote.
5. We shift our flight one day and pay the forfeit of RM860. Thankfully this is Emirates so we only need to pay the fine for changing our details and fare increase.

I checked with the travel agent and neither one of the first three options were viable. Then I thought, what's our votes worth anyway? But I've been advocating and encouraging everyone else to vote and here I am, not even voting. I cannot imagine not voting when I've been so passionate for the last many years.

Then I remembered that there are potential phantom voters waiting to vote on your behalf. That's when I called my travel agent and made the change. So what if I have only 2 days instead of 3 in Rome if I am going to regret for the rest of my life of not being a part of a historical event in my own country?

There are stories out there of many Malaysians coming back to vote. I heard someone flying back all the way from Finland. Jan says most of her Malaysian colleagues in Singapore are coming back to vote. Those who can't are few due to fully booked tickets. Maybe they should ask around to hop on with those who are driving back.

Ini kalilah.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bra Strap Solution

For some time now, I've been irritated with my bra straps falling off my droopy shoulders, especially when I wear a sleeveless top. I was constantly adjusting, my hands diving into my shirts to shift it back onto my shoulder until I considered tying some string across my back between the straps.

So one day while browsing through a group buying site called, I came across the perfect solution to my problem. It was called the Ultimate Bra Strap Solution and it had a video on how one uses it. It seemed perfect! Price was a little bit steep for some plastic thing but hey, the description said: "1 set is 6 pieces. You will get 2 sets". There was also another description which said "The Bra Clip Set Perfect includes 12 pieces" which I simply couldn't understand.

Anyway, I ordered it and after a couple of weeks, KS told me something had arrived for me in the mail. I came home and opened my pack:

This is the bra clip
This was the box it came in. Now each box had 9 pieces (where are my 12 pieces??)
And they sent me 12 boxes, each with 9 clips in it.

So there you go. I now have 108 bra clips. I tried giving a box to my mum who simply said, "Put it on all your bras". I don't have 108 bras and neither does this require me to attach to the bra except when I'm wearing one. So far I've been using one for over 3 weeks now and it hasn't snapped in two or hasn't been destroyed. Looks like I have enough to cover several lifetime of uses.

I've successfully given away six boxes now to various friends and colleagues. So let me know if you need one (or three, or a dozen).