Friday, April 22, 2011

Malaysian Comedy

So many things have been happening in the news. Really, if you want to laugh at something on a daily basis, just read about what is happening in Malaysia. From sending effeminate boys (and their definition is apparently quite amazing, it includes boys who help do house chores!) to boot camp to "toughen them up", to offering a "FREE" email account to every Malaysian aged 18 and above (but Garmen agencies sending out emails to us will be charged RM0.50 per email. Quick calculation, say 17mil Malaysians x RM0.50 = RM8.5mil for every email that is sent to us. And where would this money come from? Taxpayers!).

Then there's the PM who on one day thanks the Chinese for playing a vital part in Malaysia's economy, and the next day says to the Chinese, "If you don't vote MCA in the next election, you will no longer be represented", failing to understand that it matters not what skin colour but the heart and intentions beneath who we want to represent us.

Then there's our dear Deputy PM who is clearly trying to claim his stake and shaking the very mantra our PM is advocating. Not 1Malaysia but 1Melayu or 1Bumi, backing an extremist idiot who claims to be doing all this in the name of his religion.

Thunderstorm Destruction!

I don't know if this is true but I feel as though thunderstorms in PJ are really more severe than most parts of Malaysia. The last couple of days, we've seen terrifying thunderstorms in the evening. And it has brought much damage to my home.

Firstly, after the first time my modem was fried from a thunderstorm months ago, I purchased a surge protector to avoid another instance. The guy at the shop said, "This one guarantee wan... sure can tahan the lighting wan..." so I believed him. Every time there was a thunderstorm, I would smirk and feel that my modem is well protected. Alas, I was wrong. Not only my modem was fried, my house phone was also fried! Thank goodness my modem card on my computer was ok, unlike the last time.

Secondly, since Telekom changed my modem, my Airport Express wouldn't work and I had to re-connect it! After my initial drama of trying to fix it up in almost a month, I must say I'm glad I blogged about it so I just followed the steps again and *fingers crossed* my Airport Express is connected again! Yay!

Thirdly, my guaranteed lifetime warranty surge protector is kaput. So I'll need to go to the shop and lay my claim on it. Thing is, only the surge protector is guaranteed. If my entire computer had fried, I doubt if I would get any warranty for that!

Lastly, the extended part of my kitchen ceiling became flooded. There's a massive leak somewhere which drips into the guest room downstairs. We saw a puddle months ago and wondered where it came from. Today, not only did it leak but it also destroyed the paint and left water streaks all over my new kitchen ceiling. :( My contractor is coming tomorrow.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


There's this old man in my neighbourhood who would take a walk twice a day with his old dog and they would walk companionably around the area. The man would pause as the dog sniffs out a corners, sits down to scratch himself while the dog never wanders far from his master. If the master would walk another direction, the dog simply catches up with him to walk ahead once more. Warms my heart whenever I see them.

I'm just being emo.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Bags of Happiness

Glitz and Glamour. For the last two nights, I was busy with work as we were the official bank for the Pavilion Pit Stop Fashion Shows featuring Raoul and Vertu, Canali and Tumi (brands under the Valiram Group). 

I only brought my camera for the first night after which I decided it was still too heavy for me to carry around since I was running around getting things organized. So here are just two photos of the first night with Raoul:

This is Syafinaz, a local singer with a powerful voice as the performer for the evening. Then there was the fashion show.

There was a totally eye-catching backdrop for this, which is made of water. Technology from Korea. Amazing, right? I was so mesmerized by it that the models became the background. 

Anyway, after working 3 nights in a row (first night was for rehearsals until past midnight), I am completely wiped out, feet throbbing and just longing to go home and put my feet up. But just to share with you 3 little bags of happiness:

Starting from the bottom:
Bag 1: I created the bag. Not that it's anything fantastic but quite a lot of people commented how nice it looked. :)
Bag 2: This was a little surprise gift right after tonight's event. Hehehehe... I'm still grinning.
Bag 3: I wanted to con shu eumura to do my make up tonight but the lady just did a very quick basic one for me as I wasn't willing to spend any more money for a full make up do. I bought some stuff from them anyway.  

Aaah... little bags of happiness that made all the effort worthwhile!