Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Damn You Auto Correct!

If you ever need a pick up website, do drop by this site. Every time I read, I have tears running down my face. iPhone auto corrects words which you may have mistyped and would automatically correct it to something it thinks you're trying to say.

Sometimes, it comes up with funny sentences and is posted up on this site. Here are some of my favourite ones I saw today:

It's funny when they just go along with it like the one above. It's also funny when they try repeatedly to correct it and yet it still comes out wrong like this one and even his correction is auto-corrected into something else! Bahahaha! Crapple phone!

And this one had a funny headline "Please Invest in a Toilet"

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Yule Log

I've often wondered why there were so many log cakes during Christmas. They're all over Malaysia and Singapore during Christmas season. Isn't the Christmas cake a fruit cake? My family still buys and eats fruit cakes for Christmas.

And then I stumbled upon this interesting article on Twitter. Since we can't get the Yule Log in our region, I guess it made it's way here in the form of a cake which has now become a staple for every cake shop.

Eeeee, shy. So it's not the Yule Log, it's the Bûche de Noël

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jump! Jump!

Not that we wanted to pull a hamstring, nor were we THAT bored. We just wanted to get a little creative with our shots. Hence, here is a collection of our jumping shots...

Tim Burton's Book

While in Freemantle, we stepped into one of the bookshops and came across an illustrated book written by Tim Burton. It is called, The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy, a collection of short stories and poems.

Now, I have been exposed to Roald Dahl and recently read Coraline but I was NOT prepared for the story of the Oyster Boy. A couple gives birth to a baby boy who looks part oyster, part boy after they have seafood on their wedding night. The boy grows up and is ridiculed until he is in his teens. One day the father is informed that eating oysters can cure his sexual problems so he goes to his son's room that night and tells him to prepare for death. And proceeds to eat him. In a gist.

Other stories are just as macabre.

Grace, can I get the book for James and Cam?

Friday, December 24, 2010

U2 360 Perth 20101219

And of course, the highlight of our Perth trip this time around was to watch U2. Never mind that we've seen the same concert last year in Wembley, London. Perth seemed... accessible so we took the chance to book the ticket. So while we flew in from KL, Jan flew in from Singapore to meet us there.

This time around, we were there just before the gates opened. Which was at about 4pm. As there wasn't that many crazy folks who wanted to wait so long (Jay-Z the opening act started at 6:30pm), we bagged fantastic standing spots! We were at the fence just beside the left front claw.

To demonstrate how near we were, below are the photos I took with my new camera. As explained in my previous postings on my review of my G12, the zoom isn't as fantastic as my old one. Anyway, I'll let my photos unravel the story.

Our tag.
Still cheerful at the start, before our legs ached from standing all those hours...
It rained so the umbrellas were deployed. But before the concert started, the organizers decided to do away with it and took more time to fold them back in again.
Jay-Z, the opening act. Totally could NOT relate to his music.
However, there was an obvious fan nearby who knew every line and even the moves! I reckoned he was more entertaining to watch so I couldn't help but to take a video of his enthusiasm.

At last they arrive at about 8:20pm
And the first thing Bono and The Edge did was to walk past my side of the stage, about 10 feet away! I'm thrilled I got such a clear shot!
The stage was fairly nearby too and this was my camera's maximum zoom capability.
My clearest shot of Adam

Bono bathed in light
Tried to capture Bono and Adam together
Bono on one of the moveable bridges
Larry on his only walkabout song
The Edge doing his thing
I must say I preferred this concert to last year's because they played more of their old favourites and only about four songs from their latest album. Also, they were more interactive than when they were in London. Bono pulled out two kids on stage with him, he also spoke quite a fair bit about their history with Perth and other personal stuff. London was more of a play and go gig, so this concert was a bit more personal and connected.

We were rather surprised the seats weren't sold out as there were a couple of seat sections that were empty. Perhaps it was because there was a slew of concerts this summer in Australia with Rihanna, Metallica etc so maybe folks had to decide which concert to attend.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Perth Holiday Highlights

So my Perth trip started off rather slowly with me having the runs but the mood took an upward swing halfway through and ended with a blast of a U2 concert.

Here's some photos highlighting on what we did throughout our trip. We were very warmly welcomed to my sis-in-law's God-parents home for dinner and a breakfast. They are such a lovely couple!
This is Mardi and Wilf, Yen's God-Parents in Perth.

Us hanging out at a park overlooking Perth with their dog Devo.
Their lovely Balinese inspired home. I absolutely love this spot overlooking the pool. So serene! I can just imagine curling up on the bench with a good book...

They have this oven which Wilf made scrumptious pizza and roasted pork.

A simple potato topping pizza tasted absolutely delicious!
We had dinner at Hillarys Boat Harbour one night and managed to catch the shades of the setting sun.

We took our first tour to the Pinnacles which included a trip to the crayfish um... warehouse (?) where they store their caught crayfish before they ship them all over the world, Pinnacles and sand dunes at Lancelin.
First time seeing wind farms! This is before we reached the Pinnacles.

The sorted crayfish, waiting to purge out their digestion system before being shipped overseas.

Why I dislike self shots: bad skin, double chins, cannot see much of the background.

Just to show how big the Pinnacles are

And more of Pinnacles. Sand and stone. Yellow sand and blue skies.

Sand dunes. We went on a 4WD bus which plunged over a steep dune 5 times just to give us a scare. Fun!

Couldn't quite capture the texture of the sand. Got fine sand into the crevices of my new camera here :(

We did sand boarding. Very fun and highly recommended!
 On another day, we visited the Maze somewhere up north of Perth. It was a Friday and there was absolutely nobody there! Did most of the mazes, saw the wildlife there and played mini golf.
The first and largest maze.

The Pine Maze.

The wildlife. These two fellas were posing so I took the opportunity to snap them. Gave the one on the left a back rub until he growled.

The few peacocks walking and flying around. They were so noisy! And they refused to open up their tail.

My first ice cream! Love their version of "single scoop" cones. Yumm...
We also took a day tour to Rottnest Island. I was only told to go there and cycle. Instead, we booked a bus tour around the island and discovered most people go there to swim! And oh wow, the sea was absolutely blue and clear! Beats ANY beach in Malaysia. 

Since we didn't bring our togs, we just waded into the cold waters, baked in the sun and got friendly with the local rats - the quokkas.
One of the many shipwrecks in the oh-so-blue waters.

The lighthouse built by an Irish man.

And the sand! It's soo soft, clean and fine!
The foreign "Rat" and the local rat (okay, so they're marsupials, not rats)
After a tiring day at Rottnest, we went to reward ourselves (ok, more like me rewarding myself) with a plate of chilli mussels in Freemantle. Mmmmm.... Best!
THE only place to get good ones in Freemantle, Perth.
Night skyline of Perth. Unfortunately, not all lights were switched on.
After learning about eggs benedict from Cafe World, I finally got to taste egg benedict. Too bad they didn't have bacon.