Sunday, March 06, 2011

Tanjong Jara Resort

A colleague forwarded me this special deal from a travel agency and KS and I decided to just take the package to Tanjong Jara Resort (TJR) since it included flights and airport transfers. We didn't have the time to book flights, to decide which place to go, research where to eat etc so this package was affordable and all-in.

TJR is located about an hour's drive south from Kuala Terengganu. They are owned by the YTL Group who also operate the Pangkor Laut Resort. This is the only state left which I have yet to visit so it was a great opportunity to see the views as we made our way there. 

It was low season so there weren't many people about, which was great as we didn't have to wait to use the facilities. The staff greeted us by name, were extremely friendly even the gardeners!

Here's some pictures to show off the place:

We had to climb this wooden stairs to get to our room 
Walking into our room, we were greeted by the cool air cond AND soft classical music. VERY nice touch. Plus, even though we arrived at 10am, they had the room ready for us. 
Our room.
The bathroom

We had our lunch and then explored the whole resort:

I believe you can request to have a meal by the beach
Sofa to relax by the beach at night.
This was our view during our lunches, facing the sea.
One of the day beds beside the beach. We hung out here after our dinners just enjoying the sea breeze.
We went exploring a little under the blazing sun.
Another lunch view
The family infinity pool.
KS playing congkak for the first time. You can tell who's winning.

And the food! Oh my! We had fantastic meals here and really spoilt ourselves silly. 
I had this strange ice cream combination, wasabi vanilla ice cream. It had a sting with every spoonful. I'm not quite sure if I like it but it was certainly different!
One of the most memorable meals. Chinese meal and the fish was SO good as was the four angled bean dish. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.
Their famous chocolate lava cake with it's melting centre.
We told the chef we were celebrating our anniversary and she gave us an anniversary cake alongside our desserts. 

This was on the second night when they found out we were celebrating our anniversary. We took a stroll along the beach and returned to our room a couple of hours later to find this:

It was an elephant made of face towels and a personalized note written on a leaf
The tub was filled with hot water with scattered petals and candles lit.
Even our pillow case was changed to this embroidered one that said "Happy Anniversary".
So we decided to get a bit creative and thanked them like this.

Sigh. It was really a great relaxing getaway. The staff were amazingly well trained, great food, great views. Here's KS blog post on the trip too. 

Next trip we'll probably eye Pangkor Laut Resort. 


Life On Planet Mum said...

Is it a place for young kids? What sort of price range was it?

jo said...

not exactly for young kids. there's a kid's room equipped with wii and videos and there's the beach (if you go at the right time). there's also the family pool. other than that, there's nothing much for them to do.

the package we got starts from RM799 per person but this price ends this March. check out their website and see the prices.

Walk On said...

it looks too good to be true! i like the idea of having a bed by the me wild ideas. ;) and the service! really impressed by how sensitive they were to your conversation.