Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scaring My Hubby

Last night I slept in the spare room as I am still unwell and didn't want to disturb KS with my coughs. At 3am, I was awoken by squealing rats from the back lane of my house. For some reason, I rushed to the master bedroom where KS just so happened to be up taking a pee, I started asking him in panic if he has seen the "box". I was wildly gesturing, eyes wide and bloodshot, my fingers splayed showing him the size of the "box".

KS panicked and asked me, "What thing? You mean the cat? She's downstairs!" when I vehemently said, "No, no, not the cat. There's 5 of them." I paused and suddenly it sunk in that we do not have any other pets. So I just turned away and said, "Never mind. It's ok." and walked back to the other room to continue my sleep.

KS stood outside the door in total bewilderment and kept asking what it was and I kept asking him to forget it. Then, as I lay down, I realized I was actually asking him if our 5 Mogwai were safe since I heard the squealing. I laughed and went to explain to him.

Picture taken off the net
As you can imagine, KS was lying wide eyed and wondering what on earth happened. So he was mighty glad I wasn't:
a. Possessed
b. Suddenly sleepwalking
c. Going insane

Over the weekend, I was humming the song to this old Apple IIe game I used to love to play called Gremlins. I posted it here some time back and spoke to quite a few people of my era, yet no one else seems to recall this game other than the usual Lode Runner, Pac Man etc. So I did a quick search on Google to find out if anyone else remembered it. Hence, it must have stuck somewhere at the back of my mind.

He's not letting me off this one in a hurry.


Ron said...

do you know I use that little C minor theme as an aural example for my students in the lower grade? hahaha.

jo said...

i can't find the song anywhere on the net!