Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pray for Malaysia

My church was recently illegally raided two weeks ago and since then, there have been a lot of issues brought up to further divide and ostracise the non-Muslims in this country, creating fear with the "you better don't touch us" attitude. The most recent one being the local papers being hauled up for questioning because they published an advertisement of a non-halal restaurant in their write up on Ramadhan.

But I do believe that these people driving the divide are only a handful, which unfortunately, are the ones on top. Whether they are the ruling party or the opposition, they both have these handful of people at the top.

This isn't the Malaysia I came to love was when all united on the 9th of July this year for the Bersih demonstrations. The heartwarming testimonies of how everyone helped one another regardless of creed, race or religion must continue to rise above what is happening these few weeks.

While we expect more accusations as those in authority design their excuse for the raid, we continue to hope and pray that Malaysia will heal without further aggravations. Pray with us.

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