Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Ho Girls

When we were in Melaka recently, I told Aunty Jancey I had the photo with her three girls playing "dead". So I went into my files and found photos of the girls which I don't think I've ever shared. So here goes.

L-R: Georgia, Sherrie & Datin - Perth 2007

The gorgeous girls & I - Perth 2007

Sherrie & Georgia - Singapore, 2010

Bang! Bang! Bang! All 3 playing dead.
Sadly, Sherrie passed on a month or so ago, the tai ka che of them. She was the disciplined one, the one ready to protect her sisters, plead with Aunty Jancey to stop punishing her sisters whenever they misbehaved. I've seen this, placing her paw onto Aunty Jancey's scolding hand and looking pleadingly into her eyes.

I remember when we went to a beach in Perth back in 2003 and she was my charge. A simple "Heel!" and her nose would almost bump into my ankle as we walked. It was an amazing feeling, which I, alas, can't seem to find the right words. Like a... connectedness... like we belonged to each other, which I've never felt with any other dog before. Thank you Sherrie for that experience.

Our trip to Melaka was also the first time we met 6 month old Dawn, the new addition to the family.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Dawn Ho, cross between a husky mother and a beagle father. The only time I could take photos of her was when she was tired out from all the running around the whole day. Here she was trying to sleep while I disturbed her by taking micro shots of her nose.
Eventually she ignored me and continued sleeping.

Here she was probably dreaming up what next to destroy because the next day she destroyed some furniture. Little rascal! We love her to bits!

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