Sunday, July 29, 2012

Escaped Worm

I have unearthed a disgusting story from my friend, who's name I shall not mention as promised. :)

In primary school, all kids are given deworming medication. When I my turn came, I remember my friend telling me the day after, she saw a long worm in the toilet bowl after she did her business. I was so scared that when nature called, I held in until Mum came home from school a few hours after to make her sit near me in case it happened to me too. Fortunately (or not, otherwise I'd have a more interesting story), there was nothing unusual about the day's defecation exercise.

So now back to my friend. She was also given the deworming medication and after that, at night, when she was about to fall sleep, she felt something in her pants. She pulled out something and in the darkness wondered why there was a string in her pants. Only when she took it to her mum did she realize it was a worm.

She clearly remembers it was dead but has no idea why she didn't feel it coming out or when it happened.

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Ron said...

I do remember this story and I doubt if the dead worms do come out that way :)
Do you remember the Combantrin ads? With the 3 different types of worms in cartoon form???