Tuesday, August 21, 2012


While KS and I were in KK, we got a missed call from home on Saturday night. Sensing something amiss, I called back and was told by Grace that my parents place was just burgled. Needless to say, that ended our holiday and we were anxiously trying to help in any way we could from so far away.

Thank God my whole family had gone out for dinner when the burglars struck. My family could have been watched to know our patterns but the burglary was timed. My younger nephew had insisted on staying home as he wasn't feeling well but my sister made him come along. I shudder to think of what might have happened if he had been home alone.

They ransacked the place and made away with cash, my dad's tennis shoes and my nephews DS, amongst other things. These things can be replaced in time but what cannot be replaced is the feeling of security in one's own home.

I made it a point to come back every night for that entire week and stayed as long as I could, if only to provide some form of additional presence. Grace's friends helped out by trying to get the door fixed, contact person for an alarm system etc providing comfort to our family for which I am thankful for.

Most of all, after Grace posted this incident up on Facebook, my parents friends from Alor Setar called one by one. They are truly one of a kind and my mum is especially touched by this gesture.

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