Sunday, December 01, 2013

My Experience at Australia Dairy Co, Hong Kong

I was blogging about my Hong Kong trip and spent a considerable number of paragraphs talking about my experience at the Australia Dairy Co. Looks like the content warranted an entire blogpost!

The queue outside was at least 20 people long! But it moved very quickly so we waited not more than 10 minutes, I think.
Sharing tables in a cramped environment is common here

Australia Dairy Co is famous for it's scrambled eggs. And it's called Australia Dairy Co because they used to use Australian milk. But now they use Kowloon milk but don't think they'd be changing their name very soon. Everyone and anyone we spoke to highly recommended us to go try their scrambled eggs. And so we made it for their breakfast on our last morning in Hong Kong.

Just before leaving the house, KS read up on reviews on it and he became quite nervous. "The waiters are very rude!" he said. So we tried to prepare ourselves by deciding to order Set A of their breakfast menu.
The breakfast menu. I think the top one is Set A.

Since everything was written in Chinese and we don’t read or speak Mandarin, we got Nic’s wife to order for us. Even as she was going through all our orders, the waiter was already walking away. She had to call him back to complete her order. Then, because we were sitting at the next table due to lack of space, we asked them to deliver our food to Nic’s table so that we could take it from there. When the food arrived and we started transferring the bowls, we also got scolded for not telling them which orders were ours so that they could have served us the correct bowls. 

Set A comes with macaroni in soup with sliced ham, toasted bread, THE scrambled eggs and a cup of tea.

Needless to say, KS and I inhaled our food because the table was so narrow that the person we were sharing the table with couldn't put her plate properly with our dishes on the table. Upon finishing, we told Nic we’d wait outside in case they scold us for sitting there since we finished. We even tried to stack the plates and saucers so that collecting them would make it easier for the waiter but the waiter pointedly only removed the saucers from the plates to show we had stacked them incorrectly. We just couldn't win! :)

See how our plates were jutting out of the table? By this time I had already slurped down my soupy macaroni to make way for the other person to put her plate.

Very stressful! Still, it’s definitely an experience. It's hard to explain but apparently this is their culture, they are just like that and you'll be okay if you don't take it personally. Very subjective but do put on the thickest skin on your face if you ever go. And just tell them Set A. Don't attempt to order wrongly as we watched three tourists from China being chased out ("Get up! Get up!" from the waiter's gestures) for ordering something they didn't have. 

And oh, how was the scrambled eggs? It WAS different, in a good way. I'd rather say, go for the experience. :)

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Life On Planet Mum said...

I kena scolded also when I went to pick up something at the market and put it down without buying it. "Don't buy don't touch" is the motto. Ah I love their rudeness!