Sunday, November 23, 2008

CD Frenzy

Usually, KS is the one who will buy music CDs but I recently shocked him by buying quite a few (8 in total). I've always wanted to have the complete Lord of the Rings soundtrack and now I do. What I didn't expect to see was a complete Fellowship of the Rings music score, which I saw in Hong Kong. It took 3 CDs to record the entire 3.5 hours of the movie but I reckoned if I can listen to the entire score, I might as well watch the whole movie again. Which reminds me, it's about time to start my annual watching of LOTR.

I also got myself copies of the entire 5 Harry Potter soundtracks. Still haven't fully appreciated every soundtrack yet.

Yesterday I bought Josh Groban's Noel CD to start off my Christmas mood. Always something about Christmas songs that makes me feel fuzzy. With Josh Groban, I'm wishing I had a better sound system to fully immerse myself in his baritone. Bliss.


ron said...

Ha! I also used to do the annual LOTR thing with the extended versions (usually with some poor person who has never seen them) but I haven't done that since last year. I also bought the complete soundtrack for the Fellowship and it comes with a dvd rom as well beautifully packaged. So much of it is a bit boring background stuff but the highlights for me are Enya's contribution

jo said...

yeah! i've run out of people who would want to sit with me so i just watch it alone.

oh? you have it? one day lah i'll borrow from you.