Monday, October 19, 2009


Besides travelling every weekend, we've also been busy looking for a house since we returned from our London/Paris trip. Currently, we have a lovely place in Bandar Botanic, really strategic to amenities, great jogging track along a lake, beautiful landscaping. Unfortunately, we work in KL and it takes us 1.5 hours excluding increasing tolls along the way. We tried that for the first 2 years of our marriage but found we were absolutely exhausted by the time we reached home at 10pm onwards.

So we've been looking for a house around Paramount, Sea Park, SS2, Chow Yang... somewhere near my parents, church, accessible roads to work, amongst other requirements. We've had a lot of comments from huge restoration cost to is there a real need not to be a nomad but we've really thought through about this and are quite firm on our decision.

It has been rather interesting to walk into other people's house and try to imagine what they were thinking when they built a particularly weird structure. It's also been stressful because some houses were going for really cheap that area but still beyond our budget or we would like to have some time to consider. And people were making offers within the afternoon itself!

My parents have been a tremendous help, combing through the classifieds, calling and sieving through potentials, setting appointments on weekends for promising ones. We're excited about looking for our next home but also concerned about financials.

Oh well, we just need to commit this in prayer. And if you know any houses for sale around this area, do give me a buzz.

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Grace said...

All the best Jo. Buying a house is a big decision and should be the right house before signing on the dotted line. Take your time, it's really fun to look inside peoples' houses.