Saturday, October 03, 2009

Rompin Raya

During the Raya holidays, we contributed to the crawl along the Seremban highway to get to the Summerset Resort near Kuala Rompin. To be honest, I thought Rompin was located to the east of Johor, but found out later that it is in Pahang, south of Kuantan. It took us 7 hours to reach there, couple with the Raya jam towards Seremban.

Fantastic billboard. Certainly caught MY attention!


It was a weekend away with the Youth Leaders of my church. Summerset Resort, unfortunately was a little run down. Furniture looked old and some rooms were not even cleaned, dusty floors and cobwebs. Our room had everything functioning and had a splendid sea view and could hear the sound of the waves from our room.

Loved the huge bathroom!

Room view

While the agenda was rest and relax, we had fun nights playing Cranium. Well, fun because my team won for both nights while KS had to endure two nights of defeat! Nyah nyah nyah!… his team kept getting lousy throws at the dice and crawled along the board.

Local resident

It took me a while to figure out what this sign meant until I saw the matching pair below...

And on the last day, we played paintball. Now, the first and last time I played paintball was in 1997 in New Zealand. I remembered the fear that drove me to crawl on my elbows in the mud so naturally, I was not really excited about this time around. Bah, none of my shots hit anyone. Instead, I had two major bruises on my thighs which turned purplish a few days later. Give me Time Crisis any day. Sorry, Kelvin, I know this is one of your favourite sports.

Our battle scars

It was fun getting to know some of the Youth Leaders better, many of whom I know by name and face. And of course, a good holiday getaway even though it’s so far away.

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