Friday, January 29, 2010

Baroque Music

When I was in secondary school, I attended this “Learn How to Study Smart” course and was told that studying with Baroque playing in the background would enhance my brain absorption.
So, at that time not really knowing what Baroque was, I fished out one of Ron’s CDs and started playing it while I tried to study. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to work after a few hours. Only much later, when I told Ron about the false advice, he asked me what I was listening to.

The Planets, Holst.

Now, as I’m listening to it again, I laugh and wonder how on earth I could have tried studying with that all that drama going on in the background.

But then, I’m not the only one. I was stationed at Starhill Shopping Mall many years back, where all the high end brands are located, and they were playing really dramatic music as their “background” shopping music. I can’t remember what they played but it was something like Rossini’s William Tell. It was amusing at first but after a week, it became torturous.

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Grace said...

I can never study with any kind of music in the background, unless it was Hosanna or Hillsong music because it is so insignificant that one can just ignore it.