Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sound System

I'm rather particular about sound. I can't stand players that give weak sounds and speakers that sound hollow. KS, on the other hand, says, "As long as there's noise". So when he went out to get our first radio without bringing me around, let's just say I will be taking charge of putting together our sound room in our new house.

When I was growing up, I'd follow dad and Ron to showrooms in Penang which would play gorgeous music through expensive sets. We'd sit there and listen to the acoustics while dad and Ron would discuss the quality of it.

Then, during Chinese New Year, we'd visit my uncle who would frequently upgrade his hi-fi set. Without fail, each year he would excitedly show us his latest collection of LDs, CDs, VCDs, DVDs what have you not. Despite the crowd of chatting people in his house at that time, he would blast his latest favourite song and envelope us all with the music. He would also show us the latest technology in improving the sound, from using a green marker to mark the sides of a CD to placing a special felt on the CD. He would even compare CDs made in Malaysia and those imported from the US. And I can tell the difference.

Hence, the strive for good acoustics in my new house. However, while I know I want really good sounds, I have no idea about hi-fi, what I should be buying if I want surround sound etc.

So begins the exciting journey of discovering what this is all about. Hi-Fi for Dummies. Right after we get the house together.


Ron said...

have you started yet? I suggest you start listening soon - don't buy just listen then you get an idea of what kind of sound you want.

jo said...

not yet. just found out it can cost a HUGE sum of money if I am looking for high end stuff. hmm... need to set budgets and see how much we really can set aside for this.