Monday, June 21, 2010

Fukuya Japanese Restaurant

Right before my trip to Gopeng, I organized an event and I must say it was quite a successful one at that. Held at a Japanese restaurant, Fukuya, housed in a bungalow in KL, we hosted over 40 guests. Despite being thrown last minute requests, I'm proud to say the team came together and made it all happen.

The people I liaised with at Fukuya were also very accommodating. Another highly recommended place. The food was good and many guests left happy, some were overheard saying they would come back on their own some other time.

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take photos of the food but they were served in small helpings, teasing your tastebuds with different types of dishes. This is where I had my first (and last) taste of duck liver served on a huge fresh scallop. I will bring KS there one day, minus the duck liver.

My contribution in this photo is the place setting which I thought was pretty simply and cool :) Learnt it from Le Petit Prince restaurant in Paris.


Alexander said...

it's a great place to shoot a kungfu movie like crouching tiger hidden dragon

jo said...

what, with all the bamboo and the glass walls awaiting to be smashed into smithereens? i thought crouching tiger had more caves than bamboo and glass.