Monday, June 21, 2010

The Great Outdoors

In the course of 3 weeks, we trekked two jungles and waterfalls. The first one was at Templers Park. We went with 20 over adults and 9 kids.

The trek was easy, and in less than the expected time, we arrived at a clearing which was suitable for us to set up "camp" for lunch and played some games.

The waters were quite clear and gentle. A real family place.

I bought a new pair of slippers for this hike and in anticipation of the next trek. KS and I still ended up tired as a result of this mild trek.

Then the next one was a trip to Gopeng with the Youth Leaders last weekend. We stayed at this lovely place called Adeline's Villa. Adeline also owns and runs the Rumah Rehat Adeline which is a basic place of stay, wooden huts with mattresses spread out on the floor.

For comfort, we upgraded to the Villa which was a 5 minute walk from Rumah Rehat Adeline. This is where I stayed:

Isn't it gorgeous? They currently have two dorms that can fit about 10 people per dorm and it looks like this:

Now, Adeline is also well-known for her cooking and we can all testify to this. The food beats the hotel food we had during last year's Youth Leader's retreat.

Activities we did during that weekend was white water rafting, which unfortunately I don't have a photo of since we would be soaking wet. The grade was merely 1-3 but even so, I managed to fall into the rapids twice and inhaled a lot of river water. I did think I was going to drown but even though my nostril was filled with water, thankfully, my mouth was still able to gasp in much needed air. Not for someone who isn't confident in water. Oh well, I'm still alive.

The second day we were supposed to jungle trek to see Rafflesia. However, there were none blooming in our near vicinity, only a "kobis" at about 2 hours worth of Orang Asli trekking (for normal people, it could mean more than 5 hours worth of trekking).

Instead, we took a jungle trek to the nearby waterfall. Even with this simple trek of about 20-30 minutes of uphill walking at the start, I was nearly wiped out. So unfit! Still, the waterfall was really something.

See the height of the waterfall? We stood beneath it and allowed the icy coolness massage our backs.

Oh and another interesting part of the excursion was that we were transported via standing behind trucks and lorries. We had to duck low hanging branches and tried in vain to reach for durians and bananas as we passed.

Speaking of durians, since it is durian season, we managed to grab several durians that fell off the many durian trees. Bliss!

Will definitely recommend this place to anyone for team building and outdoor activities. They have many other activities like paint ball, abseiling down that waterfall etc. Go check it out!


Ron said...

Hmmm that meal looks seriously under-vegied!!!

jo said...

there's the cucumber... and the kacang!