Sunday, July 18, 2010

Drinking Sessions

For the past few weeks, I have had many firsts in alcohol consumption. Yes, I'm almost in my mid thirties but I have yet to consume all these until now.

So the first one was my first beer, a whole pint of Hoegaarden. Sure I've tasted beer before but I have never ordered one for myself. Usually it's just a sip from someone else just to taste what it is. The bitter taste needs getting used to but the Hoegaarden was surprisingly drinkable. Still, I didn't manage to finish that pint!

Then last week we had a farewell for my colleague and we went to a bar with a live band after karaoke. My boss ordered rounds and rounds of shots and I managed to escape with just two shots. My first was the Jagerbomb. It tasted like cough mixture! Yuks! And the Red Bull must have kept me awake later that night as I tried to sleep at 2am.

And here's how to serve a Jagerbomb. Sorry for being sua ku but the serving of the shot was more fascinating than the drink itself. Note: no flash for video so it's a bit dark.

Thereafter, I was given a Blow Job shot. However I didn't want to be taking more photos and look more kampung than I already was so here's how it looks like (except my shot glass didn't look like that!). I now realize there's a special way to drink it sans hands but I didn't know then.

Anyway, it was actually quite nice, way better than the Jagerbomb. Oh well, maybe it's because I'm familiar with Kahlua and Baileys.

Later, as the night drew on, my colleague ordered shots after shots, with bomb names and Graveyard. Oh, here's my colleague's farewell drink by her boss, the Flaming Asshole.

All in all, while fascinating, I can't say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Definitely not something I would beg to repeat.


And oh! How could I forget the small unassuming Mojita I had last week which cost me more than my main meal. The room spun just a little when I stood up after the drink.


Ron said...

...aren't cocktail creations soooo evocatively named?*cringe* :) I reckon they were created by someone all drunk and horny!

jo said...

i know!!! there was a whole list of them! "she'll have a blow job and sex on the beach".

Mlle Monster said...

The last time I ordered a Sex on the Beach, the waiter winked and retorted "not right now". Bet he says that to all the girls.

And once surveying a drinks menu with friends, I blurted out that its been such a long time since I had an Orgasm. The look on my then boyfriend's faces was priceless! I bet the sound of laughter reached the next block.

Dangerous lah all these names. That is why men just order beer.

Sigh, I need to go out more..