Monday, July 12, 2010

Short Singapore Trip

I had a fantastic time in Singapore. Although the trip was very short (only 2 days), we managed to catch up with Jan, KS’ Auntie Jancey and go shopping! It’s good to see everyone looking well and happy, especially Jan who looked pretty hollowed and stressed before she left her old workplace. Moving to this job has made a great and positive change on her.

She also has been staying with Auntie Jancey and Uncle B frequently. She knows her way around the house and how to get to work from their place. I’m very grateful they have opened up their house and allowed Jan to make it her getaway home especially since she’s far from home. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my extended family? They’re an amazing bunch.

We were also taken to this Thai-German restaurant where they had a live band. Jan has been there before and Auntie Jancey encouraged her to sing with the band on the stage, which she did! So during our dinner, the singer recognized Jan and asked her to come up to sing again. Don’t know of any place in KL we can do this.

We also got to play around with the 3 lovely girls Sherry, Georgia and Datin whom we last saw 3 years ago in Perth. Here's how they look now:

Datin was a bit more shy than before. Sherry had her hair clipped short so she now looks like a wallaby, so cute! And Miss G looks as gorgeous as ever, except for putting on a bit of weight during a recent holiday of pampering.

The other thing I enjoyed was a full day of uninterrupted shopping with KS. For once there was no one calling him, no emails he needed to attend to, no SMS-es he needed to reply. Just strolling along the shops with his full attention was bliss. Sigh. He told me not to get too used to it though. I’ll just take what I can, dear. :P

The Great Singapore Sale wasn’t as expected. I guess I was hoping for really cheap items but perhaps I went to the wrong shops which didn’t offer much discounts. Although I ended up with a heck load of things (I haven’t shopped like this in the longest time!), two of my purchases was due to the persuasion of the sales girls. One was a blouse which I bought to get the sales girl off my back and the other was an expensive face mask after heavy selling from the sales girl. Still, I am happy with my purchases and will certainly be using them.

Can't wait to go back again.

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