Sunday, August 29, 2010

Down a Rabbit Hole?

I’ve mentioned before that I was interested in getting a hi-fi set for my new place. But after much consideration, I decided I would still be okay living with a stereo since I like to keep most of my music in MP3 format.

However, an opportunity has come for me to buy an amplifier from my Uncle Patrick’s contact at a good price. My uncle is the Malaysian Book of Records holder for having the most CDs in Malaysia and is deep into hi-fi stuff (he has like 3 sets of speakers for different types of music). So when he says this amp is a good one, I trust his word.

Over the weekend, my dad, KS and I tested with various speakers and now I’m very tempted to get the amp. BUT! I am not too happy with the speakers. Or could the poor sound be due to the cables? Or the old CD player we were using?

So let’s say I get the amp. Then I’d need to go search for my perfect speakers, which could be very much affected by the type of cable. And oh, I should get a good CD player because it would be no point to get the whole system with a crappy player.

I liken this to getting a DSLR starter tool kit. It’s cheap but I won’t be happy unless I upgrade into nicer lenses. So what did I do? I stuck to my prosumer point & shoot. I’m still fairly happy with my photos plus it’s not as large as a DSLR. Successfully managed to kill that desire every time I see a sale sign at one of the photo shops.

Is this the same thing? Do I go down a rabbit hole that I know will lead to me striving for that perfection?

Sigh. Maybe if I don’t get the U2 Perth December tickets then it’s a definite yes I’ll get this.

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