Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cultural Note

Since I’ve been working in 3 different banks now, I realized something common amongst my Malay colleagues. During the Raya month, they will get together and cook a meal for us. I never realized this until this year, when we have only 2 Malay colleagues, one a guy and the other a girl. But even with only 2, they still whipped up a fantastic meal for us last Monday.

She spent most of her Sunday and Monday morning cooking chicken rendang, mee kari and nasi hempit for us while my guy colleague made his sister to wake up early and also cook for us roti jala and chicken curry. Sigh. Sumptuous!

Then I thought, we don’t cook for them when we have our Chinese New Year. We just bring leftover cookies. Maybe it’s because our food may not be halal or that it’s just not in our culture to bring Chinese New Year food for our colleagues. But then again, what IS CNY food anyway? Vegetarian? I wonder if it is wrong to serve vegetarian luncheon meat…

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