Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dinner @ Carcosa

Carcosa Seri Negara, a majestic British building in the heart of KL. We like to introduce it as "the place where Queen E stayed when she came to Malaysia some decades back". It still offers stately rooms and has a dining room which most people go for weekend brunch, sitting in the morning sun and sipping tea with English treats.

I've had the opportunity to come here several times for company functions. Every time I'm there, I fall in love with the architecture. Haven't had the chance to take photos of it in the day time as yet.

My most recent visit was just recently, when I dined there. One can assume that eating at Carcosa would cost an arm and a leg, since it's fine dining in the midst of such luxury. I had the pleasure of dining there due to work so I don't quite know what the prices there are.

The cozy dining room.
A nook in the dining room with large windows 

My friend and I sampled from two dinner menus then, one was the Western meal and the other was the Malay meal.
Freshly baked crusty bun with a slice of butter

The food started to arrive and we were entertained by this charming man who politely asked our permission to "make some noise" and played the piano throughout our meal. Sigh. Wonderful!

Ravioli with clam and chive creamy sauce
The sup kambing for the Malay set arrived but because we were visited by Chef Nazri himself, I was a little shy to take photos in front of him. The lamb soup was very good, full of spices.

The asam pedas mixed seafood platter. Slightly spicy for me but I loved it.
The beef medallion with herb crust and potato au gratin as the main for the Western meal.
Sago pandan gula melaka soaking in rich santan with vanilla ice cream. I usually never eat sago but I was almost fighting Reg to finish this one. She good-naturedly gave me a bigger share of this. :) It had cubes of mango too!
The delicious tiramisu to end the Western meal. Just the right amount to leave you thinking you'd come back for more.
All in all, it was a wonderful meal and we finished every crumb and drop. I had the preference for the Malay menu since it's not often I have Malay fine dining. Absolutely loved the ambience. If you have a chance to dine there one day, you'll surely fall in love with the place too.

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