Saturday, October 01, 2011

Sisters Day

On a happier note, I just attended the youth's Sisters Day. Thought I'd pop in to see how it was organized since the last one I attended was decades ago. Brothers Day and Sisters Day is usually celebrated amongst the youth in church to appreciate one another.

*With an old croaking voice* Back in my day, the girls would prepare something special for the boys for Brothers Day and vice versa for Sisters Day. Usually it would be skits, games and gifts with loads of laughter.

Today, the guys prepared seats for the gals with the rules that only girls get to sit, decorated the hall with purple pinkish helium balloons, sang songs with a full band (like pros! And with changes to the lyrics which had the girls in laughter), hilarious skits and a lovely door gift. The guys had to stand all around the hall and be at the beck and call of the girls by serving them cakes and drinks.

Pastor spoke from Titus 2: 1-8 and explained why this Sisters Day was revived after so long, that the guys want to set the example of showing respect and reverence, not to be slanderers/gossip mongers and lastly to show love to one another.

Really appreciate their effort into preparing for this day. DUMC XYZ rawks!

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