Saturday, February 25, 2012

7th Wedding Anniversary

Today there was a course for the youth in church which I decided to attend. Before we broke for lunch, Siu Fai, one of the youth leaders came up to make an announcement and started to appreciate KS for his involvement in the Youth Ministry. He invited both of us to stand in front of everyone while he continued his speech.

Puzzled as to why the sudden public appreciation, Siu Fai then announced we would be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Light-bulb exploded *ting* Oooooh...

Then came the balloons, flowers and cake. Balloons were Angry Birds as KS likes playing Angry Birds. Flowers were gerbera, the same flowers my hand bouquet was 7 years ago which Jan in Singapore asked me a few days before to which I unsuspectingly told her. And fresh chocolate cake with cream cheese from A Slice of Heaven... yum! I don't know where they hid these but we didn't see a trace of them and were completely taken by surprise.

Although we did try to come up with somewhere to go, we decided to skip a trip as we'll be travelling heavily in March and April. So our anniversary was going to pass uncelebrated hence it was sort of out of mind.

Large Angry Bird helium balloons with Ang Ku posing as a comparison.
Seven gerberas to mark each year
Us, right after receiving our surprise gifts.

We have such fantastic friends who somehow always remember our birthdays and anniversary. I purposely engraved my wedding date inside my ring so lest I forget and yet these friends annually wish us on a yearly basis. Very touched, humbled and blessed to be surrounded by thoughtful friends. Thanks to those who organized this.

And yes, KS, I'm glad you're in my life too ;)

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