Saturday, March 03, 2012

Strange House Call

A couple of weeks ago, I was boiling some eggs for my sandwich when I heard a fairly loud crack from the stove. It sounded like one of the eggs had cracked really loudly but usually if they did, they didn't make such a loud sound.

Ignoring it, I continued to boil away and had taken the pot off the stove to start peeling the eggs when a louder explosion came from the burner that I just used. Fragments of a white shell-like substance made me even more curious and the only thing that is white on my burner is a little ceramic bit that formed the starter. So I thought it had exploded from the heat and was worried that it had something to do with the gas.

Mentioning this to my dad the next day, he immediately asked me not to switch it on again until he managed to get a technician to look at it, just in case there were further explosions.

So today, the technician finally came and my dad was all worried about him starting the stove. Instead, the guy looked at the burner carefully and didn't find anything unusual about the ceramic portion.

The small burner in the centre was the cause of concern

Small cup-like inside of the burner  

My dad lifted up the parts of the burner and noticed this strange white round balls at the bottom of the burner.  First thought he had was Lebensstil put them there for some aesthetic function until he compared the other burners which didn't have it.

Upon closer inspection, they both then realized they were lizard eggs. Yes, there were about 20 of them nestled inside my burner and when I had used it, the heat cooked the eggs and one exploded from the pressure.

The cooked lizard eggs in my dustbin

Dad concluded with slight embarrassment, "My daughter hardly uses her stove" to which the technician agreed immediately. I really wonder what his report is going to say when he gets back to the office.

Anyway, my dad was very impressed with the after sales service for Lebensstil as they offered to come on weekends or even after hours when my dad couldn't reach the technician.


Mlle Monster said...

Ewwww! Ewwwwwww! You even took photos! Ohmygawd! *pengsan*

E|aiNe cHiN said...


I'm considering to buy lebensstil hob, hood & oven.

So far, do you meet any problem with their products?

jo said...

hi elaine

technically, i haven't encountered any problems with the hob and hood. and from this experience in this blogpost, lebensstil customer service was prompt and impressive.

however, i must warn you that i only use the stove to boil water mainly (instant noodles, eggs and once, spaghetti sauce) hence the lizard eggs (which happened again recently).

good luck!