Thursday, October 18, 2012

Squeezing in another trip

Barely had our plans for Perth in November were confirmed, I was itchy and started to plan for another family trip for December.

You see, my parents were supposed to go USA to visit Grace this year instead of Melbourne with Ron (they went two years in a row). Grace instead decided to come back to Malaysia so my parents were then deciding where else to go. NZ came up but I encouraged them to go in Autumn rather than Spring as it can get quite rainy. Plus if they went, I'd rather they go with some friends because the drive from one place to another is long.

Then they decided to go Israel. But because of the unrest, the trip was cancelled. So my parents are overseas tripless this year.

Since Ron is coming back in December while Jan and I have to clear our leave, I am proposing to go... Lake Toba. Yes, the largest volcanic lake in the world with an island that is larger than Singapore. I've been on Lake Taupo, NZ which was apparently 1.5 times the size of Singapore (why do they always compare to Singapore?) and it was lovely. Crystal clear waters which we could drink from (I didn't but my friend did) and a strange calmness as it doesn't have waves. I am not expecting to drink from Lake Toba though.

Thing is, there's not much stuff on Lake Toba that I can find on the internet. Plus the hotels on the island, well, they're not like the villas in Bali. Mum's not estactic but hey, we're all broke plus it's supposed to be really nice.

A quick survey with my colleagues showed that no one has gone there. Hmm... Not very popular despite it being so near to us. I guess the best plan would be to book a trip via a travel agent (Gasp! So not my style!). Anyone gone to Lake Toba and have something to say?

I was also reading somewhere that someone commented it is showing signs of an eruption. KS then asked me, "How then?". Let me put it this way, if it does blow, I doubt if there's anywhere we can run and hide even if we were in Malaysia.

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