Saturday, October 06, 2012

Cancelled Concert

When George Michael announced his Symphonica Tour in early 2011, I followed his release dates carefully and was deciding to buy tickets from various parts of Europe and travel there to see him. As I've mentioned before, his concert is on my top 4 concerts. But I wasn't prepared to travel to some part of Europe where they speak in different language as I was worried he might speak in some other language or that we might get lost trying to get to the concert.

Anyway, he then extended his concert to Australia so I thought it would be safest to go there. Somehow or other, I didn't buy the tickets and they quickly became sold out. Then, he suddenly became very ill and had to cancel his concerts including the Australia one. I thought to myself, thank goodness I didn't buy those tickets.

After he recuperated, he announced new dates for Australia and this time, I thought, okay, this could happen and just to be safe, let me buy tickets in Perth since Yen is there and since it's only a 5 hour flight. So I bought the tickets for KS, Yen and myself. Then about a month ago, I bought flights to Perth, arranging with KS parents that we will all go together as a family. I then applied for 10 days of leave.

Now, because of this trip (and other incidents), KS and I decided to cancel our Christmas trip to Europe. We were supposed to scour the Christmas markets and experience winter as part of our annual just-the-two-of-us-to-somewhere-we've-never-been trip. Despite deciding not to go anywhere in December, I was greatly tempted when there was a travel fair as somehow this year doesn't feel complete.

And last Sunday, George Michael announces he's cancelled his Australian tour. WaaaaaAAaaaa!!!! To add insult to injury, they offered to convert our tickets to watch Elton John instead. Elton John came to Malaysia last year but I didn't bother to go. I like Elton John, I just don't have the desire to see him live let alone travel all the way to Perth to watch him. *cry*

So now, I am determined to go somewhere we've never been in Perth and do something crazy like climb the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree.

At first when I watched the video, I was super scared. What if I slipped in between the rods and fall a long way down? Now? Huh! Bring it on! I'm gonna rock my (4th) Perth trip, with or without George Michael!

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Kau Sern said...

Damn you George Michael as I could have been in Europe and not climb this tree and face the danger of falling to my death!