Saturday, November 17, 2007


Yesterday I visited an Alternative Health Fair at PWTC for the heck of it since my company was participating in it. Walking around, I came across this booth which said they could read your health status via looking at your eyes. Curious, I sat down and the doc took a photo of my eyes. He then proceeded to tell me things which I already know and things which I thought was absolute bull. "You have back pains", "Your menses aren't regular" "You are moody and if you have 2-3 kids, you might even become insane!"

After listening for a few minutes, I just laughed and excused myself. His assistant chased me down the hall and told me his consultation cost me RM20.



ron said...

you ought to report him to the consumer's association or something - I wouldn't have given him anything - did he have a sign up saying it cost $20 for a "consultation"? If it did Im sure you wouldn't have sat down.

Monster said...

May I look into your eyes and say you have been conned? Will charge 35 bucks.

jo said...