Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wall Flower

My new job scope requires me to attend functions, where alcohol is served with little or no food. My previous job had already exposed me to a myriad events where one will encounter air kissing celebrities and the happenin’ folks of Klang Valley. But the last time, I had a few colleagues to drag along who were as happenin’ as I was – NOT (sorry, Monster & Wei Kim, not to say you guys weren’t happenin’ but I think you know what I mean).

So last night I went for a store opening with my boss. Him being the boss, was ambushed by the store owner while I was left fingering the expensive silks and pretending to blend in with the Camelia’s (I only recognized her), some famous designer and the higher echelons of the society. I took a few sips of the white on an empty stomach and couldn’t walk in a straight line. I actually crashed into something but thank goodness for a timely phone call that allowed me to walk away from the mess with as much dignity as a drunkard could.

Anyways, the entire night was spent trying to walk around and looking for anybody vaguely familiar (met an ex-colleague whom I was never really chummy with) and basically wanted to disappear into the walls. My boss conveniently used my illness as a scapegoat to excuse us from the event as early as it was politely possible.

You can tell I’m such a social butterfly. What the heck was I thinking when I said I wanted to do this new role?!

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