Tuesday, August 19, 2008


A colleague who's leaving requested me to make some cheese sticks. It's tedious and the returns are not as high as cakes, where you mix everything, dump it into the oven and eat it for days. This particular biscuit takes hours and it can disappear within a day.

With a bit of good timing, another friend was offering free cheddar so I took the opportunity to make some over the weekend.

Anyway, what made this biscuit making session special was that KS helped me out the whole four hours. He patterned, sliced and arranged each piece onto the baking tray. Even though he grumbled a bit but I really appreciated him helping me throughout the afternoon.

Here's our booty, after half was already taken away and this portion that I took to the office is now gone. KS says the next time he will charge RM100 for the next batch or RM0.50 per piece. :)


Grace said...

How much did you charge for it then? Interested in your going rate. :)

jo said...

i didn't charge for this as i made it mainly to give to my colleague who's leaving.

but because every time i make something and bring it to the office, among the usual questions would be "when are you making this again?". so, ks is ensuring i have a reply to that to ward off having to do this all over again.

Mlle Monster said...

I lost the recipe!!! Been looking high and low for it but after that short description on how long it takes.. um, its ok lah.

Still have not got my oven by the way. Too many cookies not good for the waistline. Contemplating a microwave instead. For reheating ta-pau meals.

I am a modern working woman. Hear my appliances go "ting"!

Kiwi said...

I luv you Jo!!~~~

-muaks muaks hugz hugz-