Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Empty" Nail

When I went caving a couple of months back, I stubbed my big right toe and it turned black. Because it looked so ugly whenever I wore my sandals, I decided to have a pedicure to cover it.

Isn't it pretty? My first pedicure with design! Unfortunately, my nail curled so much after the session that I had to hobble around the house the next day. If you can see, my right toe is redder and narrower than my left.

But you know the fascinating thing about this toe? I could insert a nail file for a good 1.5cm under the nail before it hit where flesh met nail! Charming! I'm told to wait for it to grow at least half the length before I cut it off or I could go to the doctor's now and have it yanked out. It sounds wonderfully painful so I'm all for the first option.

I just realised I took a photo of my colleague's thumb who's nail also had to be pulled out. But fingernail takes much faster to grow than toe nail.


Wendy said...

it takes like few months to grow even half the length!

jo said...

i was told it would take one year because mine goes all the way to the base. never mind, it's now my excuse to keep doing pedicures!