Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Being Touristy in KL

The other weekend, we had a Greek guest stay over at our new place together with my in-laws. Kat, as we call her since we don't know how to pronounce her full name, was excited to visit places around KL. So KS and I became sort of her tour guide for the weekend. I only managed to follow for one trip and we went here:

Can you guess where we were? This is a famous place in KL, the supposed "must-visit" site where tons of tourists visit. And this was my first time there. So when I saw this building, it looked totally out of place from it's surroundings.

Anyway, if you could guess, then it's probably because you visited the place recently, so that's cheating. :P

Yes, this is Batu Caves, famous for it's 272 steps. I didn't promise myself I'd reach the top so I told Kat to go on up ahead and see her if I catch up!

And so our climb started. That's Kat, starting to get ahead of me.

Pausing several times "to take photos", this was one of the results for stopping.
When I finally reached the top, huffing and puffing, what did I see? MORE STEPS! Gaaaah!

There were temples within the cave at the top, beautiful rock formations and colours which I am not sure if it's man-made or natural such at the picture above.

This is looking down on the 272 steps. What comes up, must come down.

The view from the top. A fantastic angle of the Middle Ring Road 2. :) We rewarded ourselves with a fresh coconut. Yums! 

Would we bring tourists here again? Yes. Would I climb it again. NO. But I think I would have to read up more about the rituals that are performed here. I felt like the kids in Slumdog Millionaire as they made up stories of the Taj Mahal.

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