Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Furniture Fix

Last Sunday evening, KS and I made an impulse purchase of a TV cabinet from a DIY shop. Thinking I had enough experience fixing flat packed furniture, we loaded it into the car and excitedly brought it home.

Upon seeing the simple instructions, I started gathering the necessary parts only to find that the instructions were a bit too simple! Each piece had different pre punched holes for the screws and nails. I sat there for a good half an hour figuring out which piece went where.

It took me 2 full nights to completely assemble it with the help of KS. I now appreciate the detailed instructions given by IKEA. The sequence of which part to assemble is also vital. I had already nailed the back portion before realizing I had to fasten the drawer rails, which meant we had to lie on our stomachs, twist our bodies to insert our heads into the small drawer cavity to do this. I am still aching from all that contortions.

Moral of the story, don't quit my day job. Still, it does look pretty good. Carpentress for hire?


Ron said...

It looks terrific! I assume your musical fidelity is sitting inside the glass cabinet which you slide to one side to open?

jo said...

spot on! yeah, it's sitting inside, the top one while the DVD player is below it. unfortunately, haven't had the chance to blast music from it yet since we've been home late. have to try it out this weekend!

Grace said...

Is it cheaper than Ikea? Is that why you bought it?

jo said...

it WAS on sale but the fact that it had a glass door to keep my amp warm was what had me at hello. ikea didn't really have one that i really liked and they had various permutations which, by the time i was done trying to decide which one to get, it was too confusing.

besides, i am not really that fond of ikea furniture. so if i have a choice not to get one, then i'd go for the other option.

Ron said...

You know that keeping your amp warm isn't good yeah?! People talk about the amp warming up and it sounds better yes but it should have circulation around it once its warmed up otherwise the overheating can cause serious damage to your amp!