Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Dream

KS and I have always discussed where we'd like to travel next. As you can guess from this blog, we love traveling except that we don't have the opportunity to go as often.

The other day, I met up with some friends who brought along another girl. She looked sort of Chinese but with fairly large eyes but when she spoke, she had a strange accent. Her surname is Honda (apparently Honda is a pretty common surname for a Japanese, so is Suzuki and Yamaha - learn a new thing every day) and she is a 3rd generation Japanese living in Brazil (she doesn't speak much Japanese but is fluent in Portugese - I suppose I'm the same since I can't speak my own mother tongue either), but she's now working in Sydney but in Malaysia to look for property. I think.

Anyway, I digress. She started talking about how disappointed she was with the beaches in Malaysia (she went to Langkawi and another island, can't remember which one). I thought it was strange since our beaches are well, rather nice. Then she started sharing about places to visit in Brazil. She has swam with piranhas, fished for them and eaten them in the swampy areas of the Amazon. Again, I digress.

I'll just let the photos speak for themselves. Photos taken off the internet:

Lençóis Maranhenses (pronounced leng-soys ma-rang-ngehs)
Imagine pristine white sand dunes, pooled with crystal clear rain water during certain seasons (according to Wiki, there's fish there too although there's water only for a few months. Fish eggs get transported there by birds). It looks AMAZING! It just begs to be jumped in!

Then there's Iguazu Falls. Apparently this beats Niagara Falls. Since I haven't been to either, it's only fair that I go to both to judge for myself, right?

And then there's Bonito Caves, which is apparently quite colourful but I can't find an image that shows it. Still, thought this one was stunning.

So there you go. Three good reasons to visit Brazil already. But flight tickets are SO expensive since there are no direct flights there from Malaysia. Still, it's good to dream, eh?

P/S: Images taken off the web but I can't remember which sites :(


Alexander said...

i went to iguazu!
it's quite lovely
you do get a fair bit wet on the brazilian side,and you can't exactly go swimming.but there's a speedboat that can bring u right up to(or under the falls if u and everyone on the boat fancies a shower)

Vera said...

Hey Jo, stumbled upon your blog..:)
Of course there is nothing much to talk about Malaysian beaches esp if you've been to Brazilian beaches such as Ipanema and Copacabana :)
Oh btw, I've been to Iguazu Falls..It's awesome :) Guess Brazil would be on your list of dream holiday destination by now :)