Sunday, December 12, 2010

First Few Shots

Now that I've had my G12 for a week or so now and had two weddings, a trip to the East Coast and my ever unwilling Ang Ku as my model, I must say I'm quite happy with the camera. Of course it takes getting used to and at this stage, I'll be still bringing my old camera to Perth as added security.

The main differences between my old and new:
1. It's wide angle allows me to capture more folks without backing up into the wall trying to fit everyone into the frame.
Room to spare. My old camera would have just either snugly fit everyone or cut off a few folks.

2. Adjusting the aperture, shutter speed and ISO (not that I use this very often yet) becomes simple with the dials.
The Balcony View - Ang Ku's fav lookout into the outside world.

3. This point is probably going to make me look silly but I just discovered the option of having accents, meaning I can choose one colour to stand out while the rest remain in black and white. My old camera probably had it but I never knew what it was. It's cool...

4. The zoom is... somewhat lacking. This is my one main gripe after coming from my old S3IS. Here's me sitting 5 rows from the front and this is my zoom capability.
I would have preferred a tighter shot. Looks like I have to shed my shyness and use my feet to get up close. That's not gonna happen just yet.
No way will I get to be THAT close to the stage at U2 to capture the real pictures of the band instead of taking photos of the screen (even though blur).
Old camera's zoom capability

5. The grip isn't so well designed that I tend to accidentally press buttons when handling the camera but that just needs getting used to.

Okay, now off to start packing!

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