Friday, December 24, 2010

U2 360 Perth 20101219

And of course, the highlight of our Perth trip this time around was to watch U2. Never mind that we've seen the same concert last year in Wembley, London. Perth seemed... accessible so we took the chance to book the ticket. So while we flew in from KL, Jan flew in from Singapore to meet us there.

This time around, we were there just before the gates opened. Which was at about 4pm. As there wasn't that many crazy folks who wanted to wait so long (Jay-Z the opening act started at 6:30pm), we bagged fantastic standing spots! We were at the fence just beside the left front claw.

To demonstrate how near we were, below are the photos I took with my new camera. As explained in my previous postings on my review of my G12, the zoom isn't as fantastic as my old one. Anyway, I'll let my photos unravel the story.

Our tag.
Still cheerful at the start, before our legs ached from standing all those hours...
It rained so the umbrellas were deployed. But before the concert started, the organizers decided to do away with it and took more time to fold them back in again.
Jay-Z, the opening act. Totally could NOT relate to his music.
However, there was an obvious fan nearby who knew every line and even the moves! I reckoned he was more entertaining to watch so I couldn't help but to take a video of his enthusiasm.

At last they arrive at about 8:20pm
And the first thing Bono and The Edge did was to walk past my side of the stage, about 10 feet away! I'm thrilled I got such a clear shot!
The stage was fairly nearby too and this was my camera's maximum zoom capability.
My clearest shot of Adam

Bono bathed in light
Tried to capture Bono and Adam together
Bono on one of the moveable bridges
Larry on his only walkabout song
The Edge doing his thing
I must say I preferred this concert to last year's because they played more of their old favourites and only about four songs from their latest album. Also, they were more interactive than when they were in London. Bono pulled out two kids on stage with him, he also spoke quite a fair bit about their history with Perth and other personal stuff. London was more of a play and go gig, so this concert was a bit more personal and connected.

We were rather surprised the seats weren't sold out as there were a couple of seat sections that were empty. Perhaps it was because there was a slew of concerts this summer in Australia with Rihanna, Metallica etc so maybe folks had to decide which concert to attend.

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